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Thursday, June 10, 1999

Hosted by Lisa Kudrow

What would we do if you sang out of tune? Would we stand up and walk out on you? NO! We'd get by with a little help from Friends . And that's exactly what we did! To help us motor through the 1999 MTV Movie Awards, we hired hilarious super-Friend, Lisa Kudrow, as our hostess and let it rip. To make sure that the action was TV-worthy, we started off by delivering her to our evilest acquaintance, Dr. Evil. The Austin Powers spoof that followed featured Mike Myers (duh), Seth Green and award show host extraordinaire, Billy Crystal! That's right. We got Billy Crystal. That beats sharks with laser beams any day. Anyway, on with the show.

"The year's biggest winner - Best Movie, Best Female Performance (Cameron Diaz), Best Villain (Matt Dillon), and Best Fight (Ben Stiller vs. Puffy the Dog) - was a nasty little comedy that influenced every film that followed it," said James Lipton. "And… the movie… is… There's Something About Mary." Thank you, James.

Other notable winners included Adam Sandler who went into great detail in thanking his parents for conceiving him during his acceptance speech for Best Comedic Performance in The Waterboy , Jim Carrey who went totally surreal and became Jim Morrison to accept his Best Male Performance award for The Truman Show and James Van Der Beek (Breakthrough: Varsity Blues ) and Katie Holmes (Breakthrough: Disturbing Behavior), who were both on Dawson's Creek. Where are they now, again? Ohhhh yeah.

As usual, there were way more losers than winners. Shakespeare in Love, for example, won an Oscar but it lost in almost every category at the MTV Movie Awards. So did Saving Private Ryan, Lethal Weapon 4 and Rush Hour. What a tough night it must have been for them and their families. Our condolences. Really.

Oh and don't let us forget to mention that Ben Afleck made out with Kevin Smith.

Aerosmith won Best Song From A Movie for Armageddon 's "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing," but the real musical winners were the night's performers. Former MTV Movie Awards host Will Smith kicked it off with his soundtrack smash, "Wild Wild West" (can you guess which movie it's from?). Then Kid Rock came out and brawled his way through career-making classic, "Bawitdaba." Batting clean-up was British boy toy Robbie Williams, who performed "Millenium." Why? Because it was 1999 and that's how we party. Up next… THE YEAR 2000...