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About the Show

Saturday, May 30, 1998

Hosted by Samuel L. Jackson

It wouldn't be the MTV Movie Awards if Jim Carrey didn't end up on stage, spouting off about some award or another. In 1998 he took yet another Golden Popcorn for Best Comedic Performance, this time for his work in Liar Liar. If you're wondering about his acceptance speech, it was long. 'Nuff said. Maybe he felt small in the presence of mega-monster-king-of-the-world blockbuster Titanic . Maybe after so many wins, he was short on material. Or maybe, just maybe, he was overshadowed by our over-the-top, Kangol-clad, host. The ever-shouting Samuel L. Jackson.


As expected, the aforementioned mega-monster-king-of-the-world blockbuster nabbed Best Movie and Best Male Performance (Leonardo DiCaprio) but the winning ended there for Titanic. Other notable winners included Neve Campbell who got Best Female Performance for Scream 2 , Heather Graham who got Best Breakthrough for Boogie Nights and former host Mike Myers who got Best Villain for his work as Dr. Evil in Austin Powers . We always knew there was something special about that guy.

But there was plenty more special to go around at the MTV Movie Awards in 1998. Clint Howard, Ron's little brother, picked up a Lifetime Achievement Award for his legacy as a bit actor in basically every movie you've ever seen. He took the award, usually a light-hearted affair, so seriously that we almost cried. What a guy! Also, Adam Sandler thanked his sixth grade girlfriend for teaching him that there's more to kissing than putting your tongue in somebody's mouth. Incidentally, he picked up Best Kiss for his intimate scenes with Drew Barrymore in The Wedding Singer.

Did somebody say singer?? Yeah, we had those on the show, too. Pouty British babe Natalie Imbruglia started it off with a rendition her unforgettable "Torn," followed by The Wallflowers who covered David Bowie's "Heroes," and capped off by Mr. smooth himself, Mase, who performed "Sittin' On Top Of The World." It's good to be MTV.

It's also good to be an action packed sci-fi adventure movie. The rest of the night's awards were divided between airplane identity crisis extravaganza, Face/Off and the brilliantly buggy Men In Black . That could be what inspired Samuel L. Jackson to perform a Godzilla spoof as part of his hosting duties. Or maybe it's just that he loves yelling so much.