About the Show

Tuesday, June 10, 1997

Hosted by Mike Myers

About 30 seconds into Austin Powers, we knew that we had to have Mike Myers for our host. Of course we were already fans (like we've always said, Gone With The Wind is a solid rental, but it's no Wayne's World ) but this really sealed the deal. And did he disappoint? Not even close. He kicked off the night with a Jurassic Park spoof, featuring previous hosts Ben Stiller and Janeane Garofalo, returning cameo, Jay Leno and first time hero, Vince Vaughn. It's epic. Ben Stiller and Mike Myers very nearly fall in love. Magical.

Other than that, 1997 was eerily similar to 1996. A horror blockbuster won Best Movie over a bunch of dramas (Scream over Independence Day, Jerry Maguire, The Rock and William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet), Jim Carrey won twice for a twisted offbeat comedy (The Cable Guy) and we didn't mock Tom Cruise, but we did give him the Golden Popcorn for Best Male Performance (Jerry Maguire). Same with Twister. Last year we spoofed it. This year we gave it Best Action Sequence. Fickle, right? Anyway, that's where the similarities end.

The show featured a series of skits, including send-ups of Romeo + Juliet (starring Mike Myers and Jenny McCarthy) and Scream (we actually got Drew Barrymore!). But this year the real stand-outs were the acceptance speeches. Let's see… how can we explain this... Maybe Chewbacca said best when he said, while accepting his Lifetime Achievement Award, "Mrrrraaaaaahhh gmmmbrrrrrraghhh mwarrrrrrrrrrrr!" Then again, it was Jim Carrey who really captured the spirit of the night with his Best Villain acceptance speech: "...I think I'll consider this, not as an award, but as undeniable proof that I am a badass motherf-cker." Jim, Mr. Carrey, sir… you're preaching to the choir.

Not that we needed a choir. We had one of our own, thanks to The Wondermints, aka that Austin Powers band. But they weren't the only A-list talent on hand to take care of music. Bush rocked "Cold Contagious," Jewel played her "Foolish Games," and En Vogue carried it home with "Whatever." And as loaded with life lessons as all of those chart-topping, heart-stopping jams are, the advice that we still carry in our hearts came from mega-headed Jerry Maguire star, Jonathan Lipnicki. Though, come to think of it… we can't remember exactly what he said… Something about avoiding being boxed in by type-casting? Aw man. Guess we'd better go back and watch it again. You coming?