About the Show

Wednesday, June 10, 1992

Hosted by Dennis Miller

As is the case with most first times, the 1992 MTV Movie Awards were a little awkward. Loosely emceed by ranting lunatic (and SNL alum) Dennis Miller, the night opened with a fake recap of previous award shows. The spoof, which promoted MTV's "anything can happen" mentality, showed Lawrence Of Arabia losing to The Nutty Professor and Do The Right Thing losing to Honey, I Took The Kids To South Central. Wacky, eh?

Speaking of which, Point Break star (and noted genius) Keanu Reeves kicked off the night’s awkwardness with a gawky acceptance speech for Most Desirable Male, saying "What a wacky, wacky award." Dennis Miller mocked him for the rest of the night. Thank you, Dennis. Next up was 11-year-old My Girl star Anna Chlumsky, whose Best Kiss acceptance speech consisted mostly of ums and uhs. Next thing you know, Robert Downey Jr is spouting off about politics and Arnold Schwarzenegger is calling himself "super-cool guy" (role-reversal!) and exiting the stage the wrong way. Yikes.

But all hope wasn't lost for the first MTV Movie Awards. When Lifetime Achievement Winner, Jason Voorhees ( Friday The 13th ) removed his mask to reveal that he was actually Jon Lovitz, the tension melted away. It was the perfect ice-breaker to lead into a big night for sci-fi action blockbuster Terminator 2 (six wins!), including Best Performance awards for Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Edward Furlong.

Speaking of performances, because this is MTV, there were plenty of showstoppers on hand. En Vogue played their smash hit, "My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It," and were followed by one-hit-wonder Ugly Kid Joe’s "Everything About You" and Arrested Development’s "Tennessee." But the unlikely musical highlight may have been William Shatner, who performed the choruses of all the nominated Best Songs (Bryan Adams’ "Everything I Do" won, swooooon). So to recap, everyone from the Governator to the captain of the Starship Enterprise came out for what amounted to be a romantic, if clumsy, first time for the MTV Movie Awards.