About the show

Alright movie fanatics, the 2017 MTV Movie Awards is on its way, but while we wait, let's reminisce over how outstanding last year was! Kevin Hart and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson were our hosts for the ages, giving us many memorable moments, from busting onto the stage on a war rig straight from Fury Road, to reminding us all where we were when Leo got down and dirty with a bear. But the censor-stimulating debauchery didn't stop there. The high wattage of A-list celebs was so bright, we almost needed shades as 'Mad Max: Fury Road's own Charlize Theron accepted the award for Best Female Performance, and heartthrob/hero Chris Pratt earned the Golden Popcorn for Best Action Performance. Ryan Reynolds got down with a few twerking Deadpools and Salt-N-Pepa when winning the award for Best Comedic performance, while Melissa McCarthy crowdsurfed her way to the stage to become the first woman ever to win the Comedic Genius Award. And then there was Will Smith, whose outstanding body of work earned him the highly coveted Generation Award.

Yes, it was quite the night of cinematic sizzle. 2017, are you ready to top it?