Videos From the Studio Tour

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    1. The founder of Radical discusses the company's 'Hercules' title.

    2. Jesse Berger dicusses Radical's first impression.

    1. Berger discusses the artistic style of Radical's comics.

    2. Barry Levine, Jesse Berger and Jeremy Berger discuss the history of Radical Publishing.

Photos From the Studio Tour


  1. Radical Publishing creates, owns, publishes and licenses original content based on the Company's portfolio; currently comprised of over 1,000 characters and 70 media properties. Radical Publishing is the content development nucleus of the enterprise, with a focus on digital publishing platforms developed through Radical Interactive, as well as maintaining a specialty presence in print to attract A-list creators across all media to partner on and inexpensively develop new content for use across media formats.

Comic Previews

  1. Conform or die!

  2. A daring heist draws the Master of Men out.

  3. The Black Bat's loyalty to Carol is tested.

  4. Will the girl see more than she can handle?

  5. They march to certain doom!

  6. Hazel searches for a cult romance novelist!

  7. The "Fifth" is revealed!

  8. Duke goes public with the squad!

  9. Amelia's two worlds collide!

  10. The big bad is revealed!