Hands-On With The AR.Drone 2.0!

We take the new AR Drone for a test drive around CES!

Hands-on With Motorola

Xyboard tablets, Razr Maxx and MotoActv fitness tracker were all on display.

Griffin Brings Out iPad Goodies

From cases to infrared adapters that control your home A/V systems, Griffin has it.

PDP and Marvel Team Up

PDP and Marvel strike again with new iPhone, iPad and tablet Cases!

HDMX at CES 2012

HMDX Reveals The Orb iPad Dock And Flex Bluetooth Speakers!

Razer Debuts New PC and Laptop

Razer brings PC gaming to your hands with their new Fiona Tablet!

AudioBulb Speakers

AudioBulb makes multiple speakers as easy as screwing in a Lightbulb!

2012 International CES

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    1. MTV Geek gets a hands-on demo of the stunning new action release.

    2. Motorola talks its latest phones, tablets and gadgets for to aide your home, work and health

    1. Mad Catz debuts awesome video game accessories for all platforms

    2. Griffin chats up Studio Connect and real vinyl record iPhone covers

    1. Mimoco reveals its new line of micro SD flash drives

    2. We took a test flight with the AR.Drone Parrot!

    1. Microsoft discusses its multi-media plans for Kinect

    2. Nintendo unveils the Wii U for MTV Geek at CES 2012!

    1. The ePawn Arena brings mobile gaming and hobby gaming together.

    2. Razer reveals details about its Blade laptop and Fiona gaming device.

    1. Sony demos features from its PS Vita and Xperia ion phone.

    2. Reps from Vizio show the latest in 3D and HD televisions.

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  1. The 2012 International CES, or Consumer Electronics Show is the world's largest consumer technology tradeshow, taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada. MTV Geek was there to bring the coolest and geekiest tech, game and gadget news of the year!