Mars Attacks Judge Dredd

'Mars Attacks' faces 'Judge Dredd' in their newest attempt to conquer planet earth.

Back to Comics!

Jay Ward's 'Mr. Peabody and Sherman,''Rocky and Bullwinkle' return!

Halo: Initiation, Where It All Began

Explore the origins of Sarah Palmer and the Spartan-IV program!

Lock And Key Ends!

'Locke and Key' series ends in an extra-length issue. Read more here!

The Other Dead

How would you kill a zombie bear? IDW announces a new apocalypse!

Powers Collectibles

Walker, Pilgrim, and Retro Girl come to life in collectible figurines.

Hellboy Takes On The Circus

A coming-of-age Hellboy has a brand new adventure!


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    1. Threadless talks about comics-on-tees and a contest supporting the CBLDF

    2. Eric Powell updates us on all things 'Goon'

    1. The writer talks 'Queen Crab,' 'All-Star Western' and more

    2. The artist chats about bringing life to 'Morning Glories'

    1. Slott dishes some juicy tidbits on 'Amazing Spider-Man,' and 'Spider-Men'

    2. Schnepp talks 'Grimm Fairy Tales,' Kickstarter, and 'Metalocalypse'

    1. News on 'Morning Glories,' 'Bedlam' and 'Thief of Thieves'

    2. The Marvel architect talks 'Wolverine,' 'Hulk' and 'Scalped'

    1. Remender chats ending 'Fear Agent,' 'Uncanny X-Force,' and more

    2. Captain Jack himself talks 'Torchwood,' 'Who,' superheroes and more!

    1. Ryan McPartlin And Chris Fedak from the geeky spy series 'Chuck' discuss the importance of the fans in making 'Chuck' a big success.

    2. Artist Menton3 discusses his work on 'Zombies vs. Robots,' 'Silent Hill' and 'Monocle'

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