The Kuberts Talk 'Nite Owl'

Joe and Andy Kubert discuss working together on 'Before Watchmen'

Amanda Conner Draws 'Silk Spectre'

Conner discusses how what she pulled from her own life for 'Before Watchmen' title.

Artists on Dave Gibbons

'Before Watchmen' artists chat about the influence of the 'Watchmen' co-creator.

'Silk Spectre' #1 Reviewed

'Silk Spectre' #1 is the best work of Amanda Conner's career so far!

The Making Of 'Before Watchmen'

MTV Geek goes behind 'Before Watchmen' in this exclusive video!

'Before Watchmen' Variants

'Before Watchmen' variant covers bring 35 artists to the controversial series

'Minutemen' #1 Reviewed

What did Alex Zalben think of the first issue of 'Before Watchmen'?

Before Watchmen Videos

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    1. Father and son, Joe and Andy Kubert talks drawing and inking 'Nite Owl.'

    2. Amanda Conner discusses 'Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre'

    1. Adam Hughes and Andy Kubert discuss the influence of 'Watchmen' co-creator Dave Gibbons.

    2. Writers, artists and executives discuss 'Watchmen's' controversial creator Alan Moore.

    1. Jim Lee and Will Dennis discuss the various variant covers for the 'Before Watchmen' series.

    2. MTV Geek goes beyond the controversy of DC Comics' 'Before Watchmen'


  1. MTV Geek talks creation and controversy with the writers, artists, editors and publishers behind DC Comics' prequel to Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' legendary graphic novel.