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    1. Capullo talks about moving from working with McFarlane to Batman and more

    2. The artist disucsses his work on the new 'Wonder Woman' series

    1. The writer/artist discusses his web-based comic-strip, 'PvP' and more

    2. The influential alternative cartoonist chats about 'Too Much Coffee Man,' and 'I Thought You Wuld Be Funnier'

    1. Arcudi discusses B.P.R.D., Lobster Johnson and working with new artist Tyler Crook

    2. The influential writer chats about Irredeemable, Incorruptible and Daredevil!

    1. Fialkov talks Echoes, I, Vampire, Iron Man 2.0, and his upcoming work!

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  1. Baltimore Comic-Con, is held in Baltimore, MD at the Baltimore Convention Center and is home to the Harvey Awards.

    The Harvey Awards are one of the comic book industry's oldest and most respected awards. The Harvey's recognize outstanding achievements in over 20 categories, ranging from Best Artist to the Jack Kirby Hall of Fame. They are the only industry awards both nominated by and selected by the full body of comic book professionals.

Comic Previews

  1. Conform or die!

  2. A daring heist draws the Master of Men out.

  3. The Black Bat's loyalty to Carol is tested.

  4. Will the girl see more than she can handle?

  5. They march to certain doom!

  6. Hazel searches for a cult romance novelist!

  7. The "Fifth" is revealed!

  8. Duke goes public with the squad!

  9. Amelia's two worlds collide!

  10. The big bad is revealed!