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    1. Steve Niles on "Mystery Society," collaborating with his hero, writing Mulder and Scully, and working with John Carpenter.

    2. Indie icon Paul Pope talks about his series "THB," "Battling Boy," his mainstream work and the digital future.

    1. "Strangers in Paradise" and "Echo" creator Terry Moore talks about his current and future projects.

    2. Artist Tony Harris talks about the ending of "Ex Machina," sheds some light on future issues of "War heroes" and teases his new creator-owned work.

    1. Creating comic fonts and "Elephantmen;" writer Richard Starkings on his work and the digital age.

    2. David Steinberger, CEO of comiXology explains and demonstrates the various apps available through comiXology for the iPad, iPhone, and web.

    1. Ron Marz on Top Cow's "Artifacts," "Magdalena," and his creator-owned work.

    2. Creator Mike Allred's plans for "Madman," "iZombie," "The Book of Mormon," "The Rocketeer," "X-Force" and "X-Statix."

    1. The Luna Brothers create the crazy with "The Sword" and "Girls."

    2. Writer Matt Wagner on "The Green Hornet," "Zorro," the female artists of "Madame Xanadu" and the future of "Grendel."

    1. Jerry Robinson, creator of The Joker discusses his background, working with Bob Kane and Bill Finger, his biography and his humanitarian endeavors.

    2. Artist Frank Cho on his work for Marvel on "New Ultimates" and his future plans for "Liberty Meadows."

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  1. Baltimore Comic-Con, was held in Baltimore, MD at the Baltimore Convention Center on August 28-29, 2010 and is home to the Harvey Awards.

    The Harvey Awards are one of the comic book industry's oldest and most respected awards. The Harvey's recognize outstanding achievements in over 20 categories, ranging from Best Artist to the Jack Kirby Hall of Fame. They are the only industry awards both nominated by and selected by the full body of comic book professionals.

Comic Previews

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  3. The Black Bat's loyalty to Carol is tested.

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  6. Hazel searches for a cult romance novelist!

  7. The "Fifth" is revealed!

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