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  1. Think you know jack about the Video Music Awards? Cookie gives you a run for your money as he takes your pop culture knowledge for a spin.

  2. How much do you know about celebrities and their early lives? Find out with our trivia test!

  3. Test your knowledge on Justin Beiber. Post your score on the leaderboard.

  4. Don't be too afraid to take our Paranormal Activity quiz!

  5. How much do you know about The Jersey Shore?

  6. There’s a lot of information going around about the H1N1 virus. Some of it is right, some of it is not. For example, R2D2 has nothing to do with H1N1. If you want to test your own knowledge, take the H1N1 quiz now.

  7. Michael Jackson's career has reached millions. Now you can share a part of the magic. See This Is It in theaters now!

  8. Do you know your vampire from your Vampaneze? Find out in our quiz and watch The Vampire's Assistant- The Cirque du Freak Saga Begins on October 23rd!

  9. Think you know the VMAs better than the rest? Test your knowledge of past memorable MTV Video Music Awards moments with this quiz. You won't win a Moonman, but serious bragging rights are at stake.

  10. In the innovative new movie "9," a group of diminutive rag-dolls embark on a quest to save their friends and defeat dangeous forces in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The film -- starring the voices of Elijah Wood, Jennifer Connelly and John C. Reilly -- is just one example of legendary adventures in film and you know the others? Take the quiz and find out.

  11. Do you dress to impress? Find out in our quiz: Which Adrienne Bailon Outfit Are You?

  12. During her interview on What Were U Thinking? Kelly Osbourne revealed she loves wearing wigs! Can you tell when Kelly’s wearing a wig? Test your skills!

  13. VMA Best New Artist Alums: Beginners To Breakouts

  14. Test your knowledge on all your favorite Idols with our Ultimate "American Idol" Trivia Quiz.

  15. Are you the Real Slim Shady or just Partial Mathers? Find out in our Ultimate Eminem Quiz!

  16. Think you know everything about The City? Take the quiz!

  17. Test your knowledge in our TRL Quiz!

  18. Are you a Paris Guru or just a hopeless Clueless Chick? Find out in our Paris' BFF Personality Quiz!

  19. Can you tell the difference between Bush and McCain? Find out in this quiz!

  20. Think you know a Torino from a Mustang? Put your gearhead skills to the test in this online quiz and try to nab the high score!

  21. Do you know how to get Made? Find out if you have the chops in this Ultimate Made Quiz!

  22. How much do you know about The Challenge cast? Take the quiz and find out!

  23. Twilighters just like you submitted questions to test your recall of Stephenie Meyer's series. We selected the best of the bunch, and now it's time to see if your brain is as sharp as a vampire's!

  24. Can you tell the difference between a smashin party verses a hot bed of political unrest? Take on our quiz to see how your snap judgment fairs!

  25. Play the VMA Trivia Game and test your knowledge of VMA history.

  26. Take the Paris Hilton trivia quiz to find out if you could be the newest addition to the Paris Posse, or banished from Girl World.

  27. Prove your lyrical intelligence by identifying as many VMA-nominated songs in under a minute. Will your score be among the best? Test your skills!

  28. Is it illegal to pick your nose in Alabama? Learn about all these crazy laws in our Busted Quiz.

  29. Do you fancy yourself a gentleman or do you live by the G-code?

  30. Have you been paying attention? Try out the new Hills Quiz and learn all the juicy gossip.

  31. Play Rock Band Trivia Ultima and unlock sweet content including an exclusive mp3 from the Rock Band featured artists Anarchy Club in your quest for Ultima glory!

  32. Sink your teeth into our brand new Twilight Quiz! If you've read the book, get ready to test your knowledge. Only avid twilighters need apply. Hit play! Note: images are for editorial purposes only and may not appear in the movie

  33. In our Zodiac, the hottest music stars in the business determine your celestial fate! Let the self discovery begin!

  34. Thought you were too slick for the first What's Next? Take on What's Next 2 and test even more of your lyrics know how! We'll give you the artist, the song and two lines of lyrics. See if you can remember what the next line of the song is! Only lyrics freaks need apply.

  35. In this second round of lyrics challenges we wanted to throw even more awesome lyric madness your way. See how many of today’s hottest songs you can identify in one minute!

  36. It's time to battle it out for the position of editor-in-chief. Take our quiz to see if you can score the top slot.

  37. Even more lyrical mind melting is available for you in What's Next!

  38. Think you know your Beach? Time to put up or shut up.

  39. See how far you can go against MTV's Movie Awards 2007 Trivia Challenge

  40. Fish or Fowl: Know the difference!

  41. It's the end of the year and we're handing you our final challenge; the Best of 2007 Quiz!

  42. Think you know all the freshest songs? Take our intense One-Minute Lyrics Challenge to find out!

  43. Which one of the sexy ladies of Pageant Place are you most like? Take this quiz to see which beauty queen you see in the mirror.

  44. Our funky fresh quiz is sure to flash you back to hip-hop's golden era in celebration of the TV show that changed the music world forever.