1. Play super-mechanic and compile the ultimate cruisin' machine.

  2. Play as Rob Dyrdek as you skate your way through three levels on the streets of So Cal.

  3. Four levels, four interns, and only a few seconds will determine your get-away car driving skills.

  1. If you were a pro wrestler what would your name be?

  2. Send 3 outrageous jokes at once to unsuspecting friends!

  3. Somebody had better call 911. Feel the Pain is sure to make even the manliest of men cry for their mommies.

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  1. Recoil your bike off ramps, through cones, wood barriers and score tons of point bonuses to land your game on the leader board.

  2. Face off against micro terrors in red, green and yellow colored combat!

  3. We'll give you the artist, the song and two lines of lyrics. See if you can remember what the next line of the song is. Only lyrics freaks need apply.

  1. The cast of Starmaker has the talent but can you guess the original artists by their lyrics alone?

  2. Put your crazy pop culture and music knowledge to the test and see if you can earn a place on our coveted leader board. Hit play!

  3. In the innovative new movie "9," a group of diminutive rag-dolls embark on a quest to save their friends and defeat dangerous forces in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

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