1. Yo-ho, mateys, there be a new dirge for the Arcade off the port bow! Mutiny is swash-buckling attack and defense game of high seas adventure!

  2. Got fancy pants on? Fancy Pants Adventures 2 is a crowning achievement in the stick figure game genre.

  3. With a flip of a switch you control Yin and Yang's world, turning it upside down and right side up again.

  1. The more of a crowd you draw to the finish, the more sweet upgrades you can buy to increase your magnetism and enhance your high score!

  2. Test your knowledge of lyrics to see how many of this year's nominated videos you can identify in just 60 seconds.

  3. Old-school arcade challenges are perfectly tailored for your disgustingly short attention span.

  1. Take our quiz to determine which of the twelve Houses of Music you belong to!

  2. Get ready to get filthy in this all out, off road championship racing brawl!

  3. This tremendous puzzler will have you pushing and pulling blocks with your magnetic power!

  1. In this second round of lyrics challenges we wanted to throw even more awesome lyric madness your way.

  2. Thought you were too slick for the first What's Next? Take on What's Next 2 and test even more of your lyrics know how!

  3. Play super-mechanic and compile the ultimate cruisin' machine. Superchargers, flames, spoilers, wings, chrome and more. Which details are you going to use?

  1. Rhythm-action get a new twist in Rhythm Fireworks 2.

  2. Can you keep up with the ever changing world of Music in Motion?

  3. Race your way through oceanic creatures, but don't let them get in your way!

  1. Arcade's newest puzzler S.O.S will certainly have you yelling for help. You must uncover five hidden scientists in a darkened 5x5 grid.

  2. Dangle will have you dropping, twisting and turning through traps and enemies. 15 levels in all!

  3. Sink your teeth into our brand new Twilight Quiz! If you've read the book, get ready to test your knowledge.

  1. Can you tell the difference between a smashin party verses a hot bed of political unrest?

  2. Easy-to-learn, hard-to-master, Audition gives you all the hottest hits to dance to with fellow Auditioners across the nation.

  3. Use your awesome telekinetic powers to advance yourself through the many levels of Mind Bender.

  1. In this awesome puzzler, make your way through dozens of levels by shifting between two contrasting worlds!

  2. Always wanted to be a bad-ass rockstar? Then play this game, Captain Butt-munch.

  3. Use your mad tennis "skillz," dill-weed, and send them back at those tennis-playing cornholios.

  1. Cough up a huge loogie, take aim, then bomb unsuspecting dumb-asses below with your spit.

  2. OK, so you laughed at Jessica Simpson's confusion between fish and fowl. Is it chicken that you have or is it tuna?

  3. Bring as many moonmen as you can carry back to the mainland because the clock is ticking! It's all up to you! Save the moonmen! Be a hero!

  1. Launch your Moonmen at passing birds, helicopters, speed boats, etc. But beware those pesky paparazzi!

  2. Release your inner fashionista! Pick a model and dress her in the latest styles or mix and match to create your own outrageous outfits in Mix & Mash Dress-Up!

  3. Traverse NYC in a quest to bring as many moonmen to Radio City Hall as possible.