1. See how long you can survive with room after room of increasing enemies and obstacles.

  2. The Yellow Man is back! Blast your way through 20 robot infested levels, fight enormous bosses, and overthrow the vile machines!

  3. In Wishful Dash of the Ninja you return as the tiny warrior, challenged to run as fast as you can up a mountain side without being pummeled by rocks or logs.

  1. Alan Probe was a simple pizza boy with a big dream until one day fate stepped in and he became the Amateur Surgeon.

  2. Sushi Cat demands delicious fish. Feed your sushi cat by collecting tasty morsels!

  3. He may look cute but he has plans for total domination! Jump on your enemies heads, infect their brains, and take control! You are Parasite!

  1. The King is wants to conquer the rest of the surrounding kingdoms. With the help of some new friends and weapons, it's up to you to crush your enemy's castles.

  2. Got the need for speed? Hop on your adrenaline injected turbo bike for 15 levels of intense racing madness in Flipside!

  3. Escape the facility by using your portal making gun.

  1. Click. Pull back. Release! Fresh out of the kitchen for MTV's Arcade comes Twang, our slickest, spring-loaded platformer yet!

  2. The bugs are coming! Fire! Fire!

  3. Summon your inner wolf and share with friends!

  1. Create your avatar and share with your friends!

  2. Think you know jack about the Video Music Awards? Cookie gives you a run for your money as he takes your pop culture knowledge for a spin.

  3. Don't have the bread to buy one of those punk voice-altering toys? We got your back with out Jersey Shore Soundboard!

  1. Test your knowledge of two decades worth of memorable MTV Movie Awards hijinks with this quiz. You won’t win a Golden Popcorn, but bragging rights are golden, too.

  2. Explore, upgrade, and unravel the mystery about your origin.

  3. Avoid the deadly traps as you run towards freedom!

  1. Like bragging rights? Unlock all the achievements and you'll be the king or queen of all games!

  2. The king of all dinosaurs needs to shed a few pounds. Keep him running while avoiding disaster!

  3. Smash the indestructible turtles, buy and set traps to help you achieve an epic combo.

  1. Live the ultimate dream of the pizza delivery boy. Upgrade your car and complete side mission in Pizza City

  2. Relive the lazy summers of youth innocently poking a corpse down a river. Batter and bash the body for a high score!

  3. Guide Sadie and Max through the darkest dungeon of deepest of pleasure... and pain.

  1. Ready for some extreme platforming action? Check out Mr. Runner, and go for the gold. Unless you're really good then set your eyes for the Platinum prize!

  2. Terrorize the Roman Empire as it's most infamous emperor Caligula! Find weapons, pillage and plunder. Viva Caligula!

  3. Morrica's minions are assaulting the aquatic Palace. You are the last defender of the deep. Build battlements, post barriers, and defeat the evil Morrica in Oceanus Minions!

  1. How much do you know about celebrities and their early lives? Find out with our trivia test!

  2. Can you solve all the mysteries to unlock the next stage? Using all your wits, race to the finish!

  3. New lands with new castle's must be conquered! Crush the Castle has been extended with this fan-created player's pack!