The Big Payoff

Season 13 Ep 161/18/2007

With the rest of the cast sent home, all Wes, Brad, Svetlana and Jodi can do is anticipate the announcement of the final challenge. Within the next 24 hours, two of the remaining four will be substantially wealthier, and each considers the individual goals set before launching this Brazilian journey of Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel.The next day everyone is up and out of the house early in the morning, headed to Rio De Janeiro via helicopter. When they land, the small group is informed by T.J. that the final challenge will be called The Rio Deal, and will consists of several mini challenges. The first cast member to make it through all will receive a flag that will be good for a hang glider ride to the finish line. The first man and woman to cross the finish line will each walk away with a check for $150,000.Before the beginning of The Rio Deal each player will receive the opportunity to gain a two-minute advantage against by scoring penalty kicks with a soccer ball. Jodi nabs it on the female side by scoring of 2-1 over Svetlana. For the men, a confident Wes gains an extra 120 seconds by beating Brad byone goal.The first phase of The Rio Deal finds the players racing up a mountain until they reach the first mini challenge: Brazilian Blocks. There players must haul four large building blocks up a section of the mountain one at a time, once all four cubes have arrived, players will be asked to use the blocks to solve a puzzle. This challenge would be normally be difficult; however, it is made exceptionally harder for Svetlana and Brad as they lag two minutes behind this season's top competitors before they even start the race.But before long, Brad closes the gap, and even though Wes is able to solve Brazilian Blocks before him, Brad finishes shortly after, allowing them to arrive at the next stage together.The last mini challenge is Teeter-Totter, where each player has to match their weight using large rocks to balance on the opposite side of plank. Only after balancing for five secondswill a player be allowed to advance to the flag.Despite arriving at the same time, Wes is able to balance his weight first, and leaves Brad behind. Brad gives his all, but he is unable to close the gap again and Wes collects the flag that will be his ticket to $150,000.Back at Brazilian Blocks, Jodi begins to loose her patience with the puzzle, but is still able to advance to Teeter-Totter before Svetlana. But because she is physically exhausted, Jodi has a difficult time getting her balance on. Svetlana arrives with more steam, but Jodi manages to finish and getthe final flag first, winning the hang glider ride down to the beach ... and the grand prize.When Svetlana reaches the finishing line, she finds Brad waiting with open arms. While disappointed she didn't win the money, Svetlana is proud that she played the best game she could. Even though he knows he put his all in, Brad swears that no one wanted to win the money more than he did.Down on the beach emotions are at an all time high as T.J. awards Wes and Jodi their giant checks. Jodi is so overwhelmed that she immediately breaks down in tears. Westries to keep his emotions in check with designs on beginning the next chapter of his life with Johanna. As the two winners salute each other over Gatorades, they both can agree that The Duel was one of the best experiences of their lives.