Quincy- Diddy's Step Son

Season 7 Ep 15/19/2008

Quincy Brown is a native of Atlanta currently residing in California. He also happens to be Kim Porter's son and Sean Comb's stepson. He claims to be a regular kid, but as Diddy's son, Quincy knows he has to throw a "stunna" sixteenth birthday party with a bunch of hot performers, an awesome Atlanta venue and body-painted ladies walking around. Quincy even takes a trip to New York to get styled for his party, courtesy of Diddy's platinum card.Next, Quincy jet-sets to Atlanta to appear on a local radio station and give out tickets to his party. Naturally, all kinds of ladies call in wanting tickets but Quincy has to bounce over to a local dance studio to audition dancers for his bash. Once he selects his dancers, Quincy has a surprise for the winners: he's having a dance contest at the party with a grand prize of five thousand dollars.The day of the party, Quincy arrives in the ATL on Diddy's private jet. Step-papa hooks Quincy up with some man-pampering and a whole rack of Sean John clothes to choose from. The one thing Quincy doesn't have is a date to the party, something the entire family makes fun of him for. Quincy tries to find one last-minute online, but once again Diddy has looked out for his boy and set him up with Lauren London, an actress and Sean John model.The party is in high gear when Quincy makes his stunna arrival with Diddy and Lauren London by his side. Once they reach the front of the venue, Diddy introduces a video of some of Quincy's more famous friends who couldn't be there: Soulja Boy, Lil' Wayne, Ciara and even his "uncle" Jay-Z.Quincy then impresses the crowd by kicking off his dance competition. Once Quincy's named his best dance crew, it's time for the concert portion of the evening. As promised, Diddy has secured several acts including Fabo, Gorilla Zoe, Crime Mob, Hurricane Chris, and a special surprise performance by Bow Wow and Omarion.As crazy as the concert was, Diddy has a couple more surprises in store for Quincy. With the party moved outside, Quincy is presented with a pimped-out Range Rover. But Diddy points out that he'll need something to drive around Atlanta: a classic white Cadillac convertible. Now the only thing left for Quincy to do is decide which car he'll drive home!

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