Blind Panic

Season 11 Ep 153/13/2006

Kina faces the reality that the last girl Gauntlet is right around the corner. After all her hard work, will she have to go home empty handed and say goodbye to Randy? At the Challenge, each team will have to pull off some balance beam tricks, blindfolded, while collecting team pictures. Once a teammate reaches the other side they remove their blindfold and become the 'eyes' of their next blindfolded teammate. The Rookies' run goes perfectly- they lose zero rookies to the water. The Veterans also accomplish the Challenge flawlessly, but five minutes faster than the Rookies. The Veterans win.After the challenge, Kina admits to Jodi that she has no clue what to do about the Gauntlet that night. The team would like to see Ibis go to the Gauntlet, but Kina has the last word and she is thinking of self-preservation. Kina chooses to battle Jillian. After a vicious Gauntlet, Kina remains captain for the final round. The Rookie team is sad to see Jillian go and a few are wishing it was Ibis. The Rookies are hoping Kina's decision to keep Ibis will not cost them the prize.