The Next Move Is Yours

Season 3 Ep 285/12/2008

Apparently, three's a crowd at Lauren, Lo and Audrina's new pad. Feeling left out and awkward out in the pool house at her new home, Audrina decides she should look for a place of her own. Visiting a potential loft with Justin Bobby in tow, Audrina admires the view, but worries that the place is too far away from everyone. But, as Justin points out, Audrina likes getting away and doing her own thing. Audrina agrees that she's practically living alone at the moment, so she might as well get a place of her own -- sans tension.Meanwhile, Stephanie finds her brother Spencer over at Heidi's apartment, where he spent the night waiting for Heidi to come home. When she didn't return, he started losing his mind and pumped Stephanie for information of her whereabouts. After making Spencer swear not to do anything drastic, Stephanie tells her brother that Heidi's on a business trip to Las Vegas with her boss from Bolthouse. And, she reveals, it may not be just a visit to Sin City, because if she likes the work, she may move to Vegas. Even though Stephanie advises him not to do anything rash, a shocked Spencer tells his sister that they're headed for the Vegas Strip to find his almost bride.At the casinos with SBE CEO Sam Nazarian and her boss, SBE partner Brent Bolthouse, Heidi diligently pens notes and takes in the company's plans for a new Las Vegas casino and resort. As she admires the view from the presidential suite, she assertively assures the group that she's excited to be a part of the project team.Working hard at People's Revolution, Whitney asks Lauren how her new living situation's going. Lauren admits that she rarely sees Audrina since she started living in the back house. Whitney asks if they're drifting apart, but Lauren says she can't see a reason for the sudden space between them. Whitney points out that Lauren and Lo have several years of friendship that pre-date their relationship with Audrina, and notes that her roomie may feel intimidated by the closeness the two share. She suggests a roommate dinner to get everything out in the open -- especially since Lauren's not even sure Audrina wants to live with her anymore.As Pratt siblings Stephanie and Spencer drive through Las Vegas, it looks like "Operation Win Heidi Back" is in full force with the family. Spencer pushes Stephanie to call Heidi to find out her location. When Spencer learns she's at the Palazzo working over drinks, he speeds toward the posh hotel.Abandoning Stephanie at the valet, Spencer strolls into the club and straight to Heidi's table. Interrupting her business dinner, he tells Heidi he needs a moment outside and walks away. Clearly mortified, Heidi begins to lay into Spencer and reams him out for disrupting her during what is clearly an important meeting with her employers. Undaunted, Spencer makes his case and says he needs to talk to her, that he's realized how much he loves her and wants to be with her and says he he wants to get his life together. Seemingly unmoved, Heidi says she finally feels like she's on the right path and doesn't want Spencer to get in the way of her progress. However, when she says she still wants to make their relationship work, Spencer practically begs her not to move to Las Vegas.When she returns to the table, Sam makes a hasty exit. Heidi quickly apologizes to Brent for the interruption, but he's not going to let it drop. Brent tells Heidi to get her relationship under control -- she's in the big leagues now, and only has one shot with Sam. Before walking away, Brent tells Heidi she has some decisions to make.In L.A., Lauren and Lo cook up a crab dinner and wonder what's holding up Audrina. Lauren sent out the dinner invite, but her erstwhile roomie is absent from the table. While Lo downs some cheese (and cheekily notes that her butt doesn't need it), she expresses concern that she doesn't really know Audrina. She says she feels nervous going to Audrina's house out back and doesn't know why. Lauren says she thinks it may be because Lo's moved in and the two of them are spending more time together and that Lauren's spending less time with Audrina as a result. Lauren decides she's just going to talk to Audrina about the situation and get it over with before it becomes too big a deal. But as they prepare to set the table, they see Audrina stroll by, headed out for the night, and there are curious shrugs all around as looks like it'll be just two for dinner.It's morning in Las Vegas and Brent's waiting outside for Heidi. Sam pulls up in his town car ready to roll, concerned about a potential backup at the airport and getting the private jet off the ground soon. but Heidi's missing in action and hasn't been picking up her phone. After one last message, Brent gets into the car, seemingly leaving Heidi behind without a way home to L.A.But, it appears that Heidi has taken Brett's advice and she has indeed made some decisions. Coming down the escalator with Heidi and Stephanie, Heidi heads back to L.A. with her boy. Later, when they arrive at what has recently been her apartment, it looks like their relationship vacation is over as they both head inside.At home in Lo's bedroom, Lauren talks with her about the growing situation with Audrina. Lo says she doesn't feel welcome in Audrina's digs, that she fears that the roommate tension may worsen, and says she finds the awkwardness to be "kind of ridiculous." Sympathizing with Audrina, Lauren reminds Lo that they have 12 years of friendship under their belt, and that Audrina likely feels she can't compete with that. Lo says she wants to live with her best friends and have a fun house, but she's not sure Audrina's up for it.Hoping to stem a potentially bad thing with Audrina, Lauren faces the music and drops by the back house for a chat. After complimenting Audrina's decorating, she decides to get right into it and says it's weird that they never see each other anymore. Audrina says she feels hesitant to come upstairs in the main house -- as if she doesn't belong. Lauren says she wants her to come in and that's she's welcome there. She recounts how they were all so excited to move in together, but since they made the move, they've been so busy doing their own things that there's been no time for any bonding. Lauren doesn't know what's up, but she knows they're growing apart and she's bummed out.Explaining her side, Audrina tells Lauren that she feels like she doesn't always pay attention, or chooses Lo over her. Lauren disagrees, but Audrina assures her it's been different lately. Now that Lo's in the picture, Lauren's been distant. Upset, Lauren says she didn't come over to fight. She's invited Audrina up to the house for dinner, and is always at the house and ready to talk. Audrina explains that she already had dinner plans, and says it's not always about Lauren ... she says Lo's the one pushing them apart.Through tears, Lauren says that Lo hasn't tried to push them apart. She insists that she doesn't let the opinions of others impact her friendships. With nothing more to say, a teary-eyed Lauren leaves Audrina's and heads back to the main house alone.