Who's Your Daddy?

Season 4 Ep 711/15/07

While lounging in the study with Justine, Rev Run thumbs through the latest issue of Word Up! magazine, which includes an Angela's Rundown insert. He tells Justine that he thinks their daughter's upcoming 16-page spread could be the beginning of a prosperous career.In New York City, Angela is overseeing a photo shoot at John Ricard Studio for Angela's Rundown featuring Omarion and Bow Wow. During the shoot, Angela tells the publisher of Word Up! that she's interested in expanding the insert into a full-blown magazine. The overall reaction is positive, so Angela runs with the idea.Back at Run's House, JoJo and Russy are hanging out in the living room when Vanessa walks in wearing an "I'm a Mess" T-shirt and carrying her dog, Juicy. Vanessa tells her brothers that she's afraid Juicy is pregnant, and JoJo says she should bring the pooch to the veterinarian ASAP.Later, Russy heads into the study to tell Justine about Juicy. Upset by the news, Justine confronts Vanessa about the possible pregnancy. She tells Vanessa that if it turns out to be a false alarm, Juicy must get fixed so there are no more pregnancy scares.Then, while Rev Run, Justine and JoJo are chatting in the kitchen, Diggy walks in and Run asks him to dance on the spot. Diggy refuses, making Run question how he'll ever become the next Chris Brown.The following day, Angela approaches Rev Run while he's cleaning the pool to ask for some advice. She reveals that she wants Angela's Rundown to become its own magazine, saying she loves being involved with photo shoots and wants more room to do what she wants. He tells her that she is going to need to convince the founder of Word Up! that she knows what it takes to fill a 100-page magazine, rather than just a 16-page insert. Angela assures Run that she understands how intense the workload will be, so Run tells her to get her game tight and go sell the idea.At the Word Up! office, Angela tells the writers and editors that she wants to throw a launch party for her new magazine, even though it hasn't been approved yet. She thinks a big bash will prove she has what it takes to run a magazine, including the right connections. When the publisher walks in and overhears Angela's party plans, she agrees to set up a meeting with the magazine's founder.In preparation for the big meeting, Angela meets with the owners of Tenjune Nightclub, where the Simmons family threw Rev Run's surprise party. She already knows how she wants to do it up right, so it doesn't take long to get the owners on board. The only thing left to do is get the founder to give the thumbs up to the new magazine.At Run's House, Rev Run is cooking dinner with his brother, Russell Simmons, when Diggy walks in. Run tells his brother that he has been trying to get Diggy to dance for him for days but Diggy just won't do it. Uncle Russell explains to Diggy that if he wants to make it in show business he's going to have to dance on command. To prove his point, Russell tells Run to spit some rhymes on the spot and Run happily obliges.Later, while Russy is reading to Justine, Diggy comes into the room looking for money to go to the movies. Russy thinks Diggy should have to work for the cash, so Justine says she'll pay Diggy if he dances. He immediately busts a move and Justine hands over the dough. Why won't he dance for daddy though?Meanwhile, Angela is pitching her magazine idea to the founder of Word Up! She tells him she has a lot more content she could bring to the table and, to prove how motivated she is, has already planned a launch party featuring tons of celebrity guests. The founder expresses his concerns about starting up a new magazine, saying it involves a lot of money and risk. Throwing a party is one thing, but launching a new magazine is a whole different ballgame. Despite his reservations, he agrees to print one full issue of Angela's Rundown to see how it goes.At the vet, Vanessa and Russy are about to find out if Juicy is pregnant. The vet says that in order to know for sure, she's going to have to take some X-rays. When they get home, Vanessa happily announces that Juicy is not pregnant. The family really dodged a bullet there! Now it's time to hurry up and get the pooch fixed!At Tenjune, Angela and her creative team are busy getting the club ready for the launch party. Angela is pumped, and soon the red carpet is full of paparazzi and celebrity guests like Bow Wow, DJ Whoo Kid and Tweetie. Inside, the party is poppin' as Angela takes a second to thank all of her guests and supporters, especially the founder of Word Up! for giving her this opportunity.When Rev Run prods Diggy to hit the dance floor, Diggy heeds Russell's words of wisdom and decides to cut it up. As soon as he steps out, Diggy becomes the center of attention. After the party, Run tells Diggy that he's proud he stepped out of his comfort zone and danced in front of everyone. Now he's surely on his way to being a triple threat!"Are you living up to your full potential? Don't wait for the invitation to get ahead, go ahead. You can't win the race until you join the race. Remember, those who reach get the grapes. God is love." -- Rev Run

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