Ladies Man

Season 9 Ep 341/10/2009

Meet Brandon, a high school sophomore who is known among his classmates as a math nerd. When he's not collecting bottle caps, Brandon plays on the football team and sings in the school choir.Besides checking out his new calculator, Brandon also loves to play the saxophone and would love to get a girl by playing the blues. The only thing is, Brandon has no swagger and wants to be made into a ladies' man.At football practice, Brandon sees a group of ladies walk onto the field, followed by his MADE Coach Dana. Without wasting any time, Dana puts him to the test by having Brandon answer a series of questions inside each of the briefcases that the ladies brought out onto the field. Coach Dana realizes he has some work to do and sits down with Brandon to talk about his goal of becoming a ladies' man.After hearing that Brandon hasn't kissed a girl or even held hands with a girl, Dana decides to visit him at school to observe his daily routine. At the end of the day, Dana gives Brandon an assignment to tutor girls in his trigonometry class. But Brandon avoids talking to the girls directly and instead passes around a note saying that he will be having a tutoring session.Dana checks in with the girls after the tutoring session to find out how Brandon did. The girls tell Coach Dana that Brandon was late and didn't talk about anything but math. Coach Dana asks the prettiest girl at school to help Brandon by giving him confidence when it comes to talk to girls. Brandon doesn't do too well when it comes to striking up a conversation, so Dana decides that he needs to go on his first date that weekend.Brandon walks outside to the front of the school and finds his crush, Kate, and asks her out. Brandon tells Kate that he wants to go out on a date but she'll have to drive him, which she agrees to. Kate picks Brandon up the next night and they go out to dinner but Brandon struggles to keep the conversation going.Coach Dana visits Kate at work the next day to see how the date went and is disappointed with what Kate has to say about Brandon. Dana comes over to see Brandon and decides to send him to California to help out with his ladies' man training.The first order of business in California is to bring Brandon to the gym to work out. Brandon works too hard and ends up getting sick, but he feels better when he gets to meet Michael Strahan. After a pep talk from Michael, Brandon hits the beach with his MADE coach. At the beach, Brandon scores a few phone numbers and gains the confidence he needs before returning to Minnesota.Back at home, Coach Dana signs up Brandon and his friends for a session in speed dating. The girls decide that Brandon is the winner out of all of his friends, and Coach Dana is proud with the results.The next day, Brandon gets a note from his coach along with some new clothes. The note says that Dana had to leave town and Brandon is on his own in asking out the girl of his dreams. Brandon is bummed, but decides to ask Kate to the dance the next day. Kate tells him that she would much rather be friends and turns down his offer. After being rejected, Brandon decides to talk to his twin sister about what to do and she tries to give him names of other girls to ask out.Brandon asks out Molly to Dairy Queen for some ice cream and he's impressed with himself on how smooth the date goes. The next day, Brandon decides to ask Molly to the dance and she accepts.Brandon hits the salon and gets a haircut and then finishes off his new look with a new pair of classes sent to him by Coach Dana. He arrives at Molly's house and gives her flowers and then the two are off to the dance. When Brandon arrives at the dance with Molly on his arm, his classmates cheer at his new ladies' man look.Brandon asks Molly to dance and feels comfortable being a ladies' man and has officially been MADE.