Between A Rocker And A Hard Place

Season 6 Ep 86/15/2010

Stephanie and Audrina kick things off by catching us (and each other!) up on their love lives. While Stephanie gushes about her upcoming (second) date with Max (telling Audrina "he looks like a prom king!") Audrina confesses to stopping by Justin Bobby's bike shop. "What if Ryan finds out I saw him and gets mad?" she wonders. ("No matter what, he's gonna get upset," Lo points out.) More importantly, Lo wants to know why Audrina's been spending so much time with her ex. 'Has Justin finally changed?' she muses. And, if so, is Audrina ready to give him another shot?That afternoon, Kristin and Brody meet at Alcove to discuss McKaela's friendship with Allie. After rehashing the rumors (Brody claims Allie broke in and crept onto the foot of his bed!), Kristin fills Brody in on her teta-a-tete with McKaela. Kristin laughs off McKaela's claim that she and Brody were headed towards a relationship (Brody seems equally amused), then agrees to meet him at Les Deux later on that night.Elsewhere in Hillsville, McKaela and Allie are grabbing a bite at Hollwood's Loteria Grill. After a little small talk (where McKaela admits she's still "minus" a boyfriend), the discussion circles back to rumors of Allie's break-in. Once again, Allie denies the story -- claiming Kristin's out to get her -- and insists Brody invited her over to his house. "I don't know what else to say," she says, when McKaela presses her for answers.Later on, Kristin, Stacie and Stephanie, are hanging out at Les Deux with Audrina and Ryan when Justin shows up. After an awkward meet-and-greet with Ryan, Justin tells Brody he's happy for Audrina -- even if he disapproves of the "rock n' roller" she's dating. Ryan, sensing the tension, decides to call it a night. He and Audrina make a hasty exit while Justin looks on, telling the rest of the group how "that girl deserves the world."The next day, Audrina and Kristin reconvene at the W Hotel to try and make sense out of all the drama. First, Kristin updates Audrina on the Brody situation ("this whole Allie thing has kinda brought us closer together"), then Audrina admits that Ryan and Justin's run-in was "a little weird." Instead of leaving, she tells Kristin, Ryan should've stood his ground! 'Course, that doesn't explain why Justin keeps popping up every-where. Kristin's theory? Maybe "he's coming to win you back!"Later on that night, Stephanie invites Max over for their second date: a home-cooked meal. When he mentions his brother, she opens up about her problems with Spencer -- including how they've barely even spoken since her DUI! Fortunately, Max seems to understand -- but that doesn't stop Stephanie from wondering whether she's shared too much too fast.Meanwhile, Ryan gets together with Audrina for the first time since Les Deux. They start out by talking about music (Audrina says she's excited to hear his new stuff) but before long, they're arguing about whether it's time to call it quits. When Audrina points out that the "relationship honeymoon's over," Ryan tells her she needs to figure out if the timing's right. After all, he tells her, "it's your life."The next day, the gang gathers together to see Ryan's band play at KISS FM's Wango Tango Village. Although Kristin, Stephanie, Stacie and the boys arrive early, Audrina dashes in moments before showtime. When Ryan breaks into a love song, Audrina tears up -- and eventually runs out, crying. Stephanie wonders if Justin's to blame for this outpouring of emotion, but Audrina refuses to elaborate, saying only that everything's "too hard."The next day, Steph meets Lo at Erewhon Natural Foods to fill her in on Audrina's odd behavior -- and her second date with Max. "He's great," Stephanie tells Lo, but "my life is [too] complicated" for dating. Lo agrees that Stephanie shouldn't rush into a rela-tionship before she's ready. Even if it IS, (as Steph says), "a bummer."That night, Kristin, Stacie, Audrina and Stephanie join Brody at the Nylon Young Hollywood Party. Audrina clears the air about Ryan ("I decided I should give him another shot"), then McKaela elicits a groan by walking in with Allie. Brody demands to know why McKaela keeps bringing Allie around -- and McKaela responds by asking him why he's been MIA lately, (i.e. no emails, calls). When Kristin lashes out at McKaela (telling her she can't be as innocent as she looks if she's hanging out with Allie), Allie springs to her defense, and accuses Kristin of being "jealous." Horrified, McKaela looks on in dismay while Kristin and Allie continue to trade insults -- until Brody steps in and breaks things up. "I'm humiliated," she tells Allie when they're alone again. "Why didn't you just walk away?"Back at the table, Kristin thanks Brody for "having [her] back" with Allie. "I'll always have your back," Brody says, surprised. McKaela's someone I've known three months, he reminds Kristin, "not someone I've known four years." Touched, Kristin asks Brody to take her home -- and the two leave the club together. Looks like Kristin was right -- McKaela and Allie have brought them closer together after all!