Queen Of Diamonds

Season 2 Ep 45/18/2010

The episode opens at ELLE Magazine headquarters, where creative director Joe Zee is pulling looks for Fergie's upcoming cover shoot. One staffer suggests a soft, Burberry dress; Olivia proposes flashy accessories and shorts for an edgier look. Although Joe is impressed by Olivia's ingenuity (and her amazing taste in jewelry), yet pulls Olivia aside and reminds her that she won't be going to L.A. with the rest of the team: "I think this is great ... but your work needs to be consistent."Meanwhile at People's Revolution, Whitney is flipping through fashion magazines for inspiration and telling Roxy about Jonathan, the cute photographer from her RueLaLa shoot. So what's his story? He's French, he's a war photographer, and, most importantly, he already asked Whitney out. Roxy and Kelly tell Whitney to go for it (according to Kelly, "all girls should have an affair with a French guy"), so Whitney agrees to meet him for drinks and see if there's any chemistry.Back at ELLE, Seth (assistant to the editor-in-chief) asks Olivia why she's not in L.A. for the Fergie cover shoot. Instead of going into details (about her fight with Whitney or her conversation with Joe), Olivia informs him she's here to work. After all, as she says, "someone has to be in the office."Over on the West Coast, Erin and Joe are chatting about Olivia's job performance over breakfast at L'Ermitage Hotel. While Joe compliments Olivia on having an eye for accessories, Erin points out that pulling necklaces isn't a full-time job and reminds him of Olivia's failure to show up at the RueLaLa shoot. Joe continues to defend Olivia, yet Erin refuses to hear it, telling him Olivia has done more harm than good for ELLE.That night, Jonathan swings by Whitney's West Village apartment to pick her up for their drinks date. After a short motorcycle ride, they arrive at Charles bar, where Whitney learns more about Jonathan's work as a war photographer. When Jonathan compliments Whitney on her RueLaLa shoot, she mentions she needs a photographer to shoot her Look Book. Naturally, Jonathan offers to do the job himself -- after all, what's the harm in mixing a little business with pleasure?Back in Los Angeles, Joe and Roxy arrive at Milk Studios and show Fergie the looks they've selected for her ELLE cover shoot. When Fergie informs them that Olivia's cocktail ring is her favorite piece of all, Joe tries to persuade Erin (again) of Olivia's strength as an accessories editor. As they look at prints from the shoot, Joe flips over the mockup of Olivia's cover while Erin insists the other choice has more newsstand appeal. Erin then checks in with the New York office -- and learns Olivia is out for a long lunch with the mag's new fashion director, Alexis Bryan Morgan.Olivia and Alexis are enjoying a cozy lunch at David Burke Townhouse. After a little shop talk (in which Olivia brags about her jewelry expertise), Alexis asks Olivia about her relationships with Erin -- and reminds her that, in fashion, it's necessary to "pay your dues." Fortunately, Olivia has got at least one friend on her side (besides Joe). At the end of the meal, Olivia expresses her relief at having a "girlfriend" join her at ELLE, and Alexis pledges to help her out any way she can.Over at People's Revolution, Whitney fills Roxy in on her date with Jonathan (fun, but nothing to "further a relationship") and tells her about his offer to shoot her Look Book. Whitney wonders whether she can still use Jonathan for the shoot now that her feelings about him have changed -- and Kelly warns her that things could get messy. Roxy, however, encourages her to accept Jonathan's offer. Who cares if there are strings attached? "People are offering favors," she tells Whitney, "You'd be stupid not to accept."Back in L.A., Joe and Roxy are walking out of Milk Studios after a long (and successful) cover shoot with Fergie. Once again, Joe tries to get Erin to credit Olivia for the shoot's success ("the accessories made the cover"), but Erin tells him she's sick of talking about Olivia. They argue back and forth, until Erin begrudgingly concedes that Olivia did a good job -- this time, anyway.Meanwhile, Whitney's getting ready for a photo shoot of her own at People's Revolution. Despite Kelly's warning, she's taken Jonathan up on his offer to photograph the Look Book. Unfortunately, Jonathan's interested in more than Whitney's collection. Towards the end of the shoot, he asks Whitney out for follow-up drinks. She shoots him down, explaining she'd like to keep things "professional" for now.Back from L.A., Joe Zee gathers his ELLE staffers to unveil the new Spring cover -- one of the best ever, he promises. While Olivia wrings her hands with anticipation, Joe reveals that one cover tested better with ELLE focus groups -- then shocks Olivia by congratulating Erin on a job well done. The diamonds might've dazzled at the shoot, but in the end, the softer, au naturale look won out. Better luck next time, Liv ...