An Unexpected Friend

Season 3 Ep 213/31/08

Lauren is in for an unpleasant surprise on her first day back at the Fashion Institute. During class attendance, she hears Stephanie Pratt's name called. There's no answer. But before Lauren can breathe a sigh of relief, Stephanie breezes in.In New York City, Whitney preps for Fashion Week, her first assignment with People's Revolution. The NYC office is even more intimidating and hectic than the one in The Hills, but Whitney takes it all in stride. Owner Kelly Cutrone tells Whitney that she'll be running the fitting for Sass & Bide and helping out with their fashion show in the main tent.During the fitting, a woman from Sass & Bide questions one of the outfits, but Whitney decides to go with her gut and approves the look for the fashion show. Is it the right decision?Back in The Hills, Lauren and Stephanie make awkward eye contact during class. In no time, Stephanie texts Heidi, telling her that Lauren is just a few seats away. Meanwhile, Lauren texts Audrina, saying she hopes no drama ensues.The next day in class, Stephanie surprises Lauren by coming over to apologize about their fight awhile ago. Lauren says she understands that Stephanie was just being protective of Heidi and Spencer, and Stephanie says she's going to stop getting in the middle of things from now on.Afterwards, Stephanie meets Heidi at her apartment to help paint. When Heidi jokes about Stephanie and Lauren having a class together, Stephanie admits that she apologized to Lauren. Heidi doesn't understand why Lauren would accept Stephanie's apology and not hers.In the middle of the fashion show the next night, Whitney's skills are put to the test when the models are out of order as they head down the runway. After some confusion, Whitney manages to pull things together and make the show a success. At the end of the night, Kelly Cutrone approaches Whitney and tells her she's impressed with Whitney's work and she will be expecting a lot of good things from her in the future.Later, Lauren, Lo and Audrina discuss the Stephanie situation during dinner. Audrina and Lo say they don't trust Stephanie, but Lauren thinks Stephanie is nice and doesn't want to unfairly judge her based on Spencer's bad reputation. Really, how much harm could Stephanie do?At Stephanie's apartment that night, Spencer complains that it doesn't seem like his own sister is on his side. He feels like he can't talk to her about anything because she'll just tell Heidi or Lauren. Even though Stephanie insists that Spencer comes first, she tells Lauren everything that Spencer said the next day at school. When Lauren asks if Stephanie's "allowed" to talk to her, Stephanie realizes that it won't be pretty when Heidi and Spencer find out about newfound friendship.

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