Season 1 Ep 36/25/2009

Amber is a typical high school senior, hanging with her friends and stirring up trouble in her small town of Anderson, Indiana. She spends most of her time with her boyfriend Gary, who she's been with for almost 3 years. She loves him very much, despite her family's less-than-warm feelings toward him. They never really got over the fact that she snuck behind her older brother's back and stole his best friend as her sweetheart. They're going to have to get used to Gary, though, because...that's right...Amber's pregnant with his baby.Amber and Gary decide right away that they're keeping the baby, and they move in together to prepare for their growing family. Senior year is cut short, but Amber keeps a bright attitude. She knows that kids at school have their own ideas about teenage pregnancy, but she's sure she'll be a good mother. She finds that she needs to be the strong one in her family, reassuring her mom that things will be okay, and she and Gary will work it out. Her mom's not convinced.Setting up house and the baby's nursery proves more than a little stressful. Money is really tight, and the couple doesn't always have the same ideas on how to spend it. When Gary foolishly wastes the last of their savings, Amber nearly loses it. She starts to fear that her mom might be right; that she might be the only one taking their situation seriously. She gets scared, and in a moment of weakness, Amber confesses to her parents that Gary's been spending their money on video games. They are not happy to hear it, and Gary is in even deeper trouble with them.Even so, they try to bring their families together. They hold barbecues, baby showers, and parties in attempts to stir up some friendly feelings, but it just doesn't take hold. Amber feels more and more alone, especially because her older brother, who's closer to her than anyone else in the world, has been away in Iraq for seven months. She would give anything to bring him back to her, to be by her side during this hard time.Just when things seem to be at their worst, Gary steps up and redeems himself. He takes Amber on a romantic vacation and asks her to marry him. All is forgiven, and they're back on track to making this family work, despite the objections of the family.Soon enough, the big day arrives. Amber has a long, painful delivery, and Gary's with her all the way. The families turn out, too, and they join forces to welcome baby Leah into the world. Even Amber's brother, Shawn, returns from Iraq to greet her. Amber and Gary are smitten with their new daughter, and they're all smiles. Until the novelty wears off. The bickering starts up a few days into the sleepless new parenting routine, and Amber's having none of Gary's playful antics.Things are more strained than they've ever been, when they notice that Leah's having trouble breathing. They chill out with the fighting and take her in for a procedure to test her air passages. Time seems to stand still as they wait for the news of their daughter's health. Amber and Gary are frightened. When it turns out to be nothing serious, they take a big sigh of relief and leave the hospital with a renewed sense that these are the moments they need to hold onto... and that family is what matters.

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