You Always Miss a Best Friend

Season 4 Ep 4069/15/2008

On this episode of The Hills, there's finally a chance for friendships to start growing and healing. While at work with Whitney, Lauren gets a text from Holly, Heidi's sister, saying she wants to see her. Although Lauren is reluctant because of her rocky past with Heidi, she agrees to meet Holly for lunch. Holly reminisces about their 'Three Musketeers' friendship with Heidi, and Lauren admits she misses the good times they used to have.At work with Chiara, Audrina gets called into a meeting with Epic's publicist, and is asked to cover a huge event at the Roosevelt Hotel, showcasing The White Tie Affair. Audrina looks nervous, but keeps her cool and insists she can keep everything under control.Out to dinner with Justin Bobby, Audrina discusses her relationship with Lauren and Lo. Audina realizes it's not benefiting anyone to hold grudges, and is happy to squash some of the tension at the house. Audrina also decides to give Justin Bobby another chance to redeem himself, and invites him to the White Tie Affair showcase. Justin Bobby promises he'll be there to support her, but is nowhere to be found when the event gets started. Audrina does, however, have some other support at the event -- Lauren, Lo and Stephanie make an appearance and join Audrina at the after party. Looks like both sides are finally trying to repair the roommate situation.While Stephanie flirts with one of the boys from the White Tie Affair, and Lauren and Lo enjoy the music, Audrina can only stress about Justin Bobby's whereabouts. The next day at work, Audrina complains to Chiara that she is constantly putting effort into her relationship, but Justin Bobby never gives back. Knowing she can't change him, she worries their relationship might be stuck.The next day, Holly confesses to Heidi that she met Lauren for lunch, and Heidi quickly becomes defensive. Holly insists her loyalty is with Heidi, but Heidi feels betrayed. Holly explains that she met with Lauren for Heidi's sake, because she wants to try and repair their friendship.Meanwhile, during class at FIDM, Lauren discusses her and Holly's lunchtime heart-to-heart with Stephanie. While Lauren is hopeful that Holly means well, Stephanie worries that Spencer and Heidi will do the same thing to Holly as they did to Stephanie when she became friends with Lauren.Feeling overwhelmed by her confrontation with her sister, Heidi seeks out her co-worker, Kim's advice. She tells Kim that she feels guilty about the way things ended between her and Lauren, and that she has hope that Holly may be able to make peace between them again.Will Holly be the one who will finally bring old friends back together, or will Spencer stir up trouble once again?

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