Back With a Vengeance

Season 20 Ep 812/1/2010

With the game winding to an end and with the money in sight, Laurel and Sarah are looking to cash in by conspiring with the Blue Team. Their plan: throw the next challenge and send Cara Maria and Luke into the Gulag to split their already large pot fewer ways. Their only problem: Abram is suspicious of the girls' schemes and has a plan of his own. While Blue and Grey are busy conspiring, the Red Team is eating itself from the inside, especially Tyler who chooses to eat his frustration.After a night of needed sleep, Derrick comes to his team and tells them about a nightmare he had about getting sent home in the Gulag by Tyler. Could his dream be only that or could it forebode an end? Meanwhile on the Red side, preparing for that day's challenge is difficult for couple Brad and Tori, whose political strategy seems to get in the way of their relationship... and Brad missing their puppy.At the High Ball challenge, the challengers are faced with a balancing act when they have to transport balls on martini glass type structures up a hill. Talk about an uphill battle, no one can quite seem to get even half way up, except of course for Abram and Laurel, who's plan to throw the challenge failed after her competitive nature kicked in. With a decisive victory for Grey, it seems that Cara Maria and Luke survive to see another challenge but that floundering Red and Blue will possibly have to sacrifice yet more teammates to the Gulag.At deliberations both sides step up to the plate when all participants volunteer themselves into the gulag. But when Johnny, Theresa, Tori and Tyler find out that they will not be competing with each other but with heavy hitters CT and Tina, the beads of sweat pour and the teeth begin to chatter. The challenge is Back Up Off Me and first up is Tina and Theresa. But when Theresa slowly drags Tina across the winning line, it will be Tori's match to come that decides who will go home. When the dust settles and CT and Johnny get strapped together and ready for action it looks like it's shaping up to be a Gulag to remember.