Newbie Doobie Doo

Season 20 Ep 210/13/2010

With rumors abounding that the house is haunted, the challengers fear more than what Cutthroat has in store for them. But when they realize that those creaking floorboards and spooky moans are just coming from Abe and Cara's tribal relationship, a calm comes over the house. Indeed love is in the air, when Chet rescues Mandi from a rogue bumblebee, she sees stars; but when drunk Laurel talks smack about their relationship Chet once again comes to the rescue. Could Mandi and Chet truly be in like or are they just using each other for votes?At the second challenge, TJ announces that they will be hanging upside down; when Abe gets wind of the situation he promptly sits out with Shauvon so he can scream, drill sergeant style, at his teammates. As the Gray and Red teams fail miserably at upside down acrobats, the Blue Team, fresh off their tour with Cirque De Soleil, soars through the challenge with ease, picking up their first victory.Back at the house, it's time for deliberation and secret voting. The Gray Team sends in Cara Maria and JD to compete in the Gulag again Red Team members Mandi and second time Gulag-goer Brandon. The final vote shocks Mandi and her belief system, she promptly asks Chet whether he voted her in or not, which he admirably denies. However, Mandi's suspicions prove true when the pretty boys sun themselves and gossip, Chet lets slip that he voted for Mandi to prove loyalty to his team.At the Gulag, first up is JD and Brandon. With all the animosity Brandon's built up against his team and with JD being about half his size, Brandon dominates and reluctantly goes back to his backstabbing team. Next up is the girls, and as Cara Maria enters the Gulag in ripped t-shirt and skull beads, Mandi does a makeup check and smoothes out her blonde locks. When TJ sounds the alarm, it's a fight to the finish in Back Up Off Me, a game where both players are strapped to one another. With every ounce of badass in her body, Cara pulls through to win and return to her tribal toy, Abe. Unfortunately for Mandi, she must return home and try to find a guy who won't lie to her.