Girls' Night Out

Season 3 Ep 244/14/2008

Although Audrina promised Lauren that she wasn't interested in being friends with Heidi, it seems as though Audrina and Heidi are indeed on speaking terms. In fact, they're even hanging out!Heidi strolls up to Epic Records, where she and Audrina hit the cafeteria for lunch. Excited about spending time with Audrina again, Heidi says that the pair should have never landed square in the middle of the Lauren-Spencer drama. They're both ready to put the past behind them and kick off their renewed friendship with a girls' night out.On the other side of The Hills, Lauren heads to People's Revolution to lend a hand before Fashion Week. Owner Kelly Cutrone enlists Whitney and Lauren to help her cast models. Lauren snaps pics as Whitney pastes them on a board. When co-worker Jessica gets bumped out of her desk so that Lauren can use the space, she shoots a look at Whitney.While making a sandwich, Spencer learns that Stephanie's heading to S Bar to meet Heidi. Spencer seems visibly upset when Stephanie calls him a "couch potato" and peaces out for a night out on the town.It's girls' night out at S Bar for Audrina, Heidi and Stephanie. Audrina realizes she's in a lose-lose situation, knowing that she's bound to make "someone" -- namely Lauren -- mad by hanging with Heidi.Back at People's Revolution, Whitney's excited to be working with Lauren again. She tells Lauren that she might be able to score a job if she manages to impress Kelly Cutrone. When Kelly comes over, it looks like Lauren's already made a good impression -- Kelly asks Lauren to work one of the fashion shows during Fashion Week.At S Bar, Audrina, Heidi and Stephanie crack some jokes about being single forever. But the laughs are cut short when Heidi sees Spencer walk into the bar and slide up to a group of girls. As he flirts and takes a couple of shots, Heidi flips out. Livid, she decides to split. Just as she's about to leave, Spencer comes over and an argument ensues.When Heidi calls Spencer out for flirting with other girls, he claims he was just being polite. Plus, he doesn't see her sitting home alone pining over him. Heidi quickly shoots back that she's spending the night with her girlfriends, not a bunch of guys.The next day, Audrina tells Lauren about her night at S Bar, giving all the details on the whole Heidi and Spencer scene. Unhappy about the fact that Audrina was hanging out with Heidi, Lauren warns that Heidi and Spencer might be befriending Audrina to get back at her for being nice to Stephanie.At the fashion show, Kelly Cutrone preps Whitney and Lauren, telling them to make sure the models find their way onto the runway. No screw ups!Meanwhile, having a late night at Bolthouse, Kimberly asks Heidi why she's down in the dumps. Heidi runs through her evening at S Bar, saying she doesn't understand how she can both love and hate one person so much. Heidi admits it's hard to see Spencer with other girls and wonders if he's over her. Kimberly assures her that there's no way Spencer can already be over their relationship. Upset, Heidi gives Spencer a ring, telling him to stop by the office so they can talk.Back at the fashion show, things are buzzing as Whitney and Lauren make sure that all of the models hit the runway on time. The show is a success, and Kelly Cutrone couldn't be happier with Whitney and Lauren's work. In fact, she's so impressed that she offers Lauren a job on the spot. Of course, Lauren happily accepts. Overhearing the exchange, Jessica looks stunned.Across The Hills, Spencer pulls up outside of Bolthouse and Heidi hops in his car. Heidi rips into him, saying if he wants to be single all he has to do is tell her. Spencer replies that she's the one who made him single. Who ever heard of a "relationship vacation" anyway?A frustrated Spencer says Heidi's delusional for thinking he's going to stick around forever waiting for her to decide when their hiatus ends. With that, Heidi gets out of the car and slams the door. Spencer speeds away as Heidi walks off alone.

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