Fallen Alliances

Season 13 Ep 131/4/2007

The key is not to panic, or at least that's what Evan keeps telling himself. Slightly threatened by CT, he proposes an alliance with Wes to never pick the other to go into The Duel.Speaking of CT, if his performances can match the confidence he has gained over the course of the competition, Evan should be more than a little worried. As far as CT's concerned, it's just a matter of time before he and Diem walk away with $150,000 each.It's a good thing that CT has so much confidence in Diem, because he needs her help in this weeks challenge: SunkenTreasure. In this event, a male and a female contestant work together to unlock a submerged treasure chest. The team that unlocks the chest in the least amount of time is this week's winner.But when the first three teams fail to even qualify for this challenge, Wes and Svetlana find themselves in a position to win just by completing the event. It comes down to the wire, but they make it, granting Wes immunity from The Duel and awarding Svetlana with a new BMW motorcycle.Elimination finds Evan in a position to hold up his end of his deal with Wes, and he nervously chooses CT from the remaining three male contestants. And it's a move that does not make CT, or Diem, happy.When CT and Evan meet at The Duel for a game of Ascender, Evan tries to pull a fast one by drawing a cheat sheet for the game in marker on his arm. He is immediately called out by CT and TJ, and is forced to wash it off.And it's too bad he got caught, because he could have used it. When CT comes out victorious, Diem is the first person to congratulate him in. As Wes comes over to say goodbye, Evan begins feels like Wes screwed him over.