Leah (90 Mins)

Season 2 Ep 84/6/2010

Leah is a popular cheerleader from a small town in the mountains of West Virginia and is practically inseparable from her friends. She just started dating Corey, who is two years older than her. Their relationship started out casual but now it's time to get serious because Leah's pregnant... with twins!Leah and Corey started dating right after Leah broke up with her three-year boyfriend -- a month later, Leah was pregnant. It's hard enough to be a teen mom to one child but everything will be doubly hard for Leah when she gives birth to her girls Aliannah and Aleeah. Leah took off her first semester of her senior year to prepare for the girls and she's already realizing the sacrifice because of how much she misses cheerleading and seeing her friends.While Corey works two jobs to support their future family, Leah looks for an apartment for them to live in. The twins make Leah's pregnancy high-risk and when she wakes up with sharp pains she goes straight to the hospital.At 6 months pregnant, Leah starts to go into labor and the doctors do everything they can to stop her from giving birth because the babies may be too undeveloped to survive. Leah spends three days in the hospital and the contractions finally stop. She can go home but she has to stay on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy. Leah breaks her bed rest for a day to move into her and Corey's new apartment.Leah begins to get annoyed with Corey once they move in together and she spends a night at her mom's house to get some space. This, however, is no ordinary night. Leah doesn't feel right and her mom takes her to the hospital. She's in labor 6 weeks early! Leah has to get an emergency c-section but the girls are born healthy. Aliannah weighs 3lbs 11oz and Aleeah weighs 3lbs 13oz. Although they're healthy, they are premature and have to be taken to intensive care immediately. Leah gets to leave the hospital but the twins have to stay.The girls are 3 weeks old and Leah and Corey can finally bring them home. The girls don't let Leah sleep and she's having a hard time taking care of them. She is making plans to return to high school and her mom will take care of the girls while she's in school.Leah can't wait to start school again, see all of her friends, and take a break from being a mom. Leah goes out to celebrate her return to school with her friends, which includes her ex-boyfriend Robbie. Corey is really upset that she's been spending time with Robbie but she doesn't care. When with her friends, Leah confesses that she doesn't think it's going to work with Corey. She's not happy with him and has more fun with her ex, Robbie.Aliannah and Aleeah are getting bigger but Leah spends most of her time thinking about Robbie and her current relationship with Corey. All they do is fight and Leah doesn't think their relationship is fixable. Corey reaches his breaking point when he finds out how much time she's been spending with Robbie, and that he went over to Leah's mom's house after school. A huge fight erupts and it seems like they may not recover from it.Leah doesn't want to hurt Corey but knows she has to tell him how she feels. She decides to take a break from Corey and stay with her mom. Although Leah doesn't want a relationship with Corey, she does need his financial support. She talks to him about this but that leads to another big fight.The girls are 9 weeks old and Corey moves out of the apartment and into his parents' house. Leah learns what it's like to be a single mom when Corey leaves. She hasn't been to school in a week and spends all of her time taking care of the girls on her own. Robbie isn't returning Leah's calls and she's beginning to wonder if she made a mistake breaking up with Corey. Leah hears a rumor that Corey is dating someone and the rumor is confirmed when she runs into Corey's friends. She is devastated and can only blame herself.Corey being with another girl makes Leah realize how much she loves him. Leah pushed Corey away and now he doesn't want to be with her because of how she treated him. They only see each other because of the girls and even then they don't talk. Leah was torn between being a teen and having a family but realized too late that family always comes first now.