Miss Teen Arizona

Season 6 Ep 15

What girl wants to be known as a tomboy in black? Not Stephanie. She wants to shed that reputation and be MADE into Miss Teen Arizona. Stacey, Miss Arizona '97 and a Miss USA finalist, is Stephanie's MADE coach.A wardrobe change is in order because "chains scare people," Stacey tells Stephanie. But wearing pink is a drastic change and Stephanie hates it. Things get worse when Stephanie has to prepare for the pageant by posing in a bathing suit at the department store. She's insecure about her body, but Stacey tells her to walk with confidence.Later, at Stacey's slumber party with a bunch of pretty girls, Stephanie feels like black sheep. But eventually she feels accepted and begins doing girly stuff like trying on makeup.In the Miss Teen Arizona pageant, Stephanie doesn't make the top ten, but wins Miss Teen Congeniality. Through this MADE experience, Stephanie found herself.

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