The Triplets

Season 2 Ep 28/22/2005

What do you do when you never had a Sweet 16? You throw a Sweet 18! The triplets look alike but differ. Jessica's the funny one and does weird things. Ashley's the boring one, thus the nickname "wet blanket." Candace is the boy crazy one who's referred to as "cocky."The party theme is Vegas. Each sister wants to outshine the other. Candace wants to be the star of the party by singing with her friend's band. Jessica, "the jealous one," can't deal with the focus being on Candace, so she and Ashley separately run to party planner Annette to get ideas.The triplets deliver an invitation to hot guy Michael Born in person. Later at a photo shoot, Jessica tries to compete with Candace to be the most sexy, but Candace feels that Jessica tries too hard and calls her "slut Barbie."The party entrance is off the hook. Magician Jay Alexander shows the triplets as cardboard figures in a box, then reveals the actual triplets. That's enough unity. It's time to show off individually.First, Candace sings with the band. Then Michael Born gives Ashley a flower that has Jessica's name. He's so not hot anymore.Next, to everyone's surprise, Jessica performs a tango. Ashley sheds her "wet blanket" reputation by surprising everyone in a Vegas Showgirl outfit. The greatest surprise is from their father who spent $40,000 to hire Sugarcult to perform.Michael who? Candace smooches with a new guy named Aaron. Finally, they thank their dad for their amazing $80,000 birthday bash to remember!