Season 1 Ep 67/16/2009

Catelynn is a high school junior from small-town Michigan. Tyler is her boyfriend of three years and her right-hand man. They're grateful for the support their relationship provides, because they don't find much of it elsewhere -- their families are dramatic, to say the least. Catelynn's mom has a short fuse and is unreliable. Tyler's dad's been in and out of prison. Now, in a bizarre twist of events, their two parents are in love and getting married, so life is that much weirder for the young couple. Then, on top of it all, Catelynn got some unexpected news one fall day -- she's going to have a baby.Catelynn and Tyler aren't sure they're ready to have a family. Their friends agree that it would be tough. Catelynn's mom, April, is not supportive of adoption, and she tells Catelynn that she's sure to change her mind when the time comes. Tyler's dad, Butch, is even less supportive. He can't understand handing your baby to perfect strangers. They decide to give the baby for adoption against their parents wishes.Tyler's mom is the only family member who supports them. She drives them to an adoption agency to explore their options. Once there, the social worker, Dawn, gives them some "parent books" to look through, to see if anyone appeals to them. She says that sometimes the kindest thing one can do is be selfless and give up the baby. They agree to think it all over.Tyler and Catelynn look through the parent books and find Brandon and Teresa, who strike them as the perfect family for their child. When Butch finds out what they've decided, he flies off the handle. In a powerful defense, Tyler tells Butch that he was a deadbeat dad, and Tyler is bent on not repeating his mistake. Tyler and Catelynn discuss a hospital plan with Dawn -- Catelynn doesn't want to hold the baby. Dawn warns her that she might regret not saying at least a simple hello and goodbye. The thought alone makes Catelynn cry.Catelynn's mom is still in denial. Catelynn, too, wavers a bit, saying how scared she is that it'll hurt too much. All the same, it's time for Catelynn and Tyler to meet the adoptive parents. Before they leave, Catelynn's mom comes in and refuses to talk to anyone, much less go along. Catelynn and Tyler are worried that they won't like them, but when the four of them meet, it's admiration at first sight. Catelynn tells them why she wants to give them the gift of her child. It's a match! But Catelynn soon has to deal with her mom's explosive reaction to the meeting.With her due date approaching, Catelynn and Tyler hurry to create some mementos for their daughter. Tyler reads a letter he wrote to her, and breaks down with emotion. He just hopes they've made the right decision. The day arrives. Catelynn's induced, and the contractions come in no time. When the baby is born, they tell the doctor to take her away. They don't want to hold her quite yet. After a few hours, though, they're ready, and they time with their daughter while contemplating their choice. Finally, and with much urging, they let Brandon and Teresa see the baby. Teresa offers Catelynn a bracelet and tells her that she and the baby have the same one. They all agree to wear them forever, and tears flow.The next day, it's time to hand the baby over to Brandon and Teresa for good. For one last moment, Catelynn and Tyler look down at their daughter and take her in -- this bundle of potential created by their love, assured a better life through their courage and strength of character. They then hand her off and watch as Brandon, Teresa, and the baby drive away. And Catelynn and Tyler begin to build their future anew.