Season 1 Ep 16/6/2010

With his sex-obsessed sidekick Miles Jenner and the stalkerish Lily Miran by his side, 15-year-old RJ Berger jerks into Sophomore year with a mission - to beat the odds despite his "loser" status.The year starts off good for RJ when he's assigned to be Biology study buddies with his dream girl, Jenny Swanson. But his luck's cut short when his anatomical "gift" is accidentally exposed to the entire school during a basketball game in which he's subbing.Numerous jokes later, the now BIG man on campus attends Jenny Swanson's pool party with Miles. Soon after their arrival, jock/bully Max Owens punches RJ for talking to girlfriend Jenny, to which RJ publicly retaliates by serving Max "a cup of nut musk."