Tapper's Delight

Season 6 Ep 56/29/2009

Vanessa and Angela are still in town and decide they want to do something special for their younger brothers, Diggy and Russy. Their first good deed is to encourage Russy's latest fad, tap dancing. They get him into some nice tap shoes and they even take a tap dancing class with him. But it's the something special they do for Diggy that gets them into trouble. The girls didn't know it, but when Diggy asked them for a mini-fridge for his bedroom, Justine had already said "no" to the request, because of Diggy's poor grades. But the sisters wanted to do something nice and Diggy promised he'd get his grades up. And when Justine finds out that Diggy played his sisters she is not happy with him and has Rev come up with a creative plan for Diggy's mini-fridge. In the meantime, Miley is getting to the dangerous age where she can move around quickly and unpredictably, so Jus tells Rev they need to babyproof the house. After Rev finds out that professional babyproofing services cost eye-popping amounts, he attempts to do it himself, with the help of JoJo. A decision he will come to regret.