Growing Up Is Hard To Do

Season 4 Ep 211/1/07

The pressures and hardships of growing up are something everyone goes through, and Rev Run's kids are no exception. While playing a video game with Russy, Diggy is constantly being distracted by his phone. The text messaging and calls from girls keep interrupting the game, driving Russy absolutely bonkers. When Diggy kicks Russy out of his room to ask a girl out, Russy skulks off to his roomSpeaking of girls, Vanessa and Angela are cooped up in their room. Since giving up their New York City apartment and moving back into Run's House, the two sisters have been getting on each other's nerves. Vanessa, who put her and Angela's plans to move to Los Angeles on hold to continue her role on Guiding Light, doesn't mind staying home for the summer. But Angela is bored out of her mind, so she concocts a new idea for their Pastry line -- matching clothing! Vanessa thinks it's a great idea but she doesn't have time in her schedule right now ? and she doesn't want Angela pitching ideas without her.Later, Angela mopes around Run's House as Vanessa breezes by, telling her parents she's heading to work. Rev Run senses a void in Angela's life and promises to turn her frown upside down, suggesting she head on over to Pastry to see what's cookin'.Russy is all alone in his room when Diggy trudges in begging for forgiveness. But as he's apologizing, his phone goes off and he leaves the room. Seeing what just happened, JoJo explains to Russy that Diggy is simply growing up. Maybe it's time for Russy to get his own girl!While Rev Run is chilling in the pool, Angela lies down on a chair, looking sad and pathetic. Run desperately tries to cheer her up but fails. Trying to help out, JoJo gives Angela this little piece of advice: "Don't let your happenings destroy your happiness." Nice try, JoJo, but this jaded girl isn't buying it.Inside, Diggy finds Russy digging through his closet. When he tells his mother, Justine, she finds it extremely cute that Russy wants to emulate his big brother. It seems like Russy is ready to grow up, too, so Justine asks Rev Run to hook him up with some new threads. But Run doesn't want to hand Russy a wad of cash, 'cause last time he just blew it on a Nintendo Wii.At Pastry's corporate office, Angela goes behind Vanessa's back and pitches her idea for a clothing line. The executives love it and ask her to come back the next day with Vanessa and some sketches. But when Angela gets home, she fails to tell Vanessa about the meeting.Meanwhile, Russy struts his stuff at a clothing store with his pops. Thinking this new interest in fashionable clothing has something to do with getting girls, Rev Run allows his son to go on a mini shopping spree. In the end, Russy looks bangin', just like his two big brothers.To put Russy's new style to the test, JoJo and Diggy take him to Ben & Jerry's to see if he can score with the ladies. As Diggy and JoJo take a seat next to three girls and start talking, Russy sits down by himself, too shy to flirt. The girls call him over but he refuses to budge. It's alright, he'll be pimpin' just like he brothers one day soon!After Vanessa finds out that Angela had not one but two meetings at Pastry, Rev Run sits them down on the couch to hash things out. Once everything is out on the table, the girls are able to talk through their problems and start discussing their clothing line ideas.At the same time, Russy tells Justine that he's upset that his brothers tried to force him to talk to girls. When Justine calls Diggy in to apologize, Diggy tells Russy that the best way to be cool is to be himself and find his own style. Looks like all of Rev Run's children are growing and learning."How do you make a partnership work? Communication is the key that will open the door to success. Work with one another, not against. Only then will a partnership reach its full potential. Remember, to get to your dream you've got to work as a team. God is love." -- Rev Run

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