Season Finale

Season 2 Ep 124/2/07

After their last fight, Spencer kicked Heidi out of his car, leaving the state of their relationship in question. When Lauren wakes up to find Heidi in their apartment the next morning, she's shocked that her normally absent roommate actually spent the night. When Lauren asks Heidi if she wants to move in with her boy, Heidi says she wants to make a rational decision. Although she had previously made a rule for herself prohibiting live-in boyfriends of less than two years, she's more inclined to move in with Spencer. Although Lauren isn't thrilled with the idea, she tells Heidi not to let her hold the process back -- after all, she's just "living with [Heidi's] stuff anyway".Meanwhile, Whitney makes it to the big apple for her interview with Amy Astley, Teen Vogue Editor-in-Chief. Greeted by New York super-intern, Emily, Whitney admits to being nervous about the meeting ahead. While the Fashion Consultant position is still a supporting role within the magazine, Astley is looking for "eyes and ears" in the LA fashion scene. Although Astley explains that there are several girls competing for one spot, Whitney assures the editor that this is the career path she's always dreamed of.At Bolthouse, Elodie and Kristen try to talk Heidi out of moving in with Spencer. Even though Heidi thinks the two might technically be broken up, she argues that most of her wants to move in and try to see if it would work -- she just can't understand the sudden rush to commit.When Spencer calls Heidi at work, he sweet talks his way into a meet-up, luring Heidi in with a surprise. Following an address, Heidi leaves work and finds Spence at an apartment building. Surprise, surprise, Spencer's invested in an apartment for two. Heidi's shocked considering their last conversation ended with a 'no' to the move-in, but she can't deny how much she likes the apartment, from a sunny skylight to a balcony overlooking Hollywood. Finally changing her mind, Heidi makes Spencer promise that he'll stay on the straight and narrow -- no more funny business. But, unbeknownst to her, Spencer has already vowed to Brody that the old 'Playboy' Spencer is here to stay, having a girlfriend phone for Heidi, and a homeboy phone for the rest of the world.When Heidi tells Lauren about the move, she grins and bears it -- forcing a smile and lending her support. When Lauren gets back home she finds Heidi wasting no time, packing and setting suitcases out in the hall. Heidi tells Lauren that she wants to stay close and maintain their Taco Tuesdays nights. Lauren tells her that the ball is in her court and walks her out to the moving truck, where Spencer waits in the drivers' seat. Driving away, Spencer asks Heidi if she's ready to roll, but she can barely muster a response as she looks back at Lauren through the rearview mirror.With Heidi gone, Lauren partners up with Audrina for a new roommate situation. Lauren welcomes her with pizza and a wayward bottle of champagne, while Heidi and Spencer get comfortable in their new Hollywood home. Spence swears the new living situation will improve her relationship with Lauren, but Heidi doesn't look convinced, telling Spencer not to let her down.

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