DJ Khaled, Fantasia and Fall Out Boy

Season 15 Ep 58/28/2007

Take a trip to the homes of American Idol Fantasia Barrino, rap superstar DJ Khaled, and rocker Joe Trohman from Fallout Boy.First stop on DJ Khaled's Miami mansion is his whips. Whether it's an Escalade sitting on twenty-sixes or his baby-blue Bentley, Khaled is always rolling in style. Once you step inside his house you'll notice a waterfall in the foyer which Khaled likes because it calms you down and make you feel like you're home. Inside his massive kitchen Khaled takes us through his fridge. He makes a note that he doesn't really do it up with all the bottles of champagne but instead opts for the basics like water and little fruits cups. He also shows off a centerpiece featuring grass imported directly from Arnold Palmer's golf course. As we follow Khaled through his living room he makes note of his wall covered in records and plaques and then it's time to go outside where Khaled shows off his swimming pool and hot tub with water imported from the Bahamas. Upstairs in DJ Khaled's cribs he shows us his favorite room in the house, the sneaker room. The walls of this room are packed with box after box of limited and exclusive sneakers. The last stop on this tour is DJ Khaled's studio, the place where he pays the bills from, and where Miami rapper Rick Ross is hanging out and working on a new record.The 2004 American Idol Fantasia Barrino has released two chart topping albums since being crowned champion and can currently be seen in the mega-hit show The Color Purple on Broadway.The grand entrance to Fantasia's Charlotte, NC house really is grand, with a chandelier and two sweeping staircases covered in white carpet. Next stop is her music room where you'll see a giraffe sculpture and a zebra skin rug because although Fantasia hasn't ever been to Africa, she really wants to go. In Fantasia's living room almost everything is gold or has gold on it because it reminds Fantasia of royalty. When Fantasia gets upstairs she shows off her massive bedroom that's big enough to have it's own living room where she keeps her flat screen TV. Inside Fantasia's bathroom it's decked out with black accents; black Jacuzzi, black marble counters and black tile. Back downstairs Fantasia keeps the color theme going (after gold and black) with an all white kitchen. Fantasia takes us outside to show off her cars and point out her favorite, a one-of-a-kind cherry red Mercedes. Before Fantasia kicks us out she takes out back where her family is cooking up a feast and playing around in the pool.Rocker Joe Trohman might not be a household name but his band Fallout Boy sure is. Joe took some time out of his busy schedule to walk us through his new Chicago townhouse.The first thing you'll notice inside Joe's house is the wall he covered with green moss which he claims cost, "Like a dollar," and he put up with a little super glue. Joe's kitchens really new and he doesn't even know how to use most of the appliances but they are silver and shiny, which he's pretty sure is a good thing. Joe also makes a note of his extra large sink where you can wash "two babies" and probably a duck. Joe then shows us his living room and points out his rug that looks like animal fur but it's not. It's actually made up entirely of Barbie hair.Joe takes us upstairs and shows us the room that no rocker's house should be with out: his guitar-slash-toy room. On one wall hangs about 15 different guitars and another wall is packed from top to bottom with toys with three shelves alone dedicated to Star Wars toys. Inside Joe's bathroom he points out the sink that has real water running from it and also his bucket toilet, which he likes because the seat automatically goes back down after being put up. Lastly, we take a quick peak inside Joe's closet, full of hoodies mostly, but it's also where he keeps the teddy bear his grandpa gave him the day he was born and says that if everything in his house was going to burn up in a fire he wouldn't care as long as nothing happens to his bear.