A Date With The Past

Season 3 Ep 264/28/2008

It's official -- Lauren, Lo and Audrina are roommates. Walking into the new digs, the girls scope out all of the benefits to their new living arrangements. The pad comes complete with palm trees, a huge hang out room, and a whole separate little house for Audrina. That's right -- Audrina has her own private little place behind the main house with Lauren and Lo.Finishing their mini tour in the kitchen, the girls all agree that the house is the perfect place for parties. Lauren decides that they'll have to throw a huge housewarming party to celebrate. When she and Lo later run through the guest list over coffee, Lauren lets out a name that perks Lo's ears up -- Stephen Colletti might be dropping by. Yes, that Stephen -- Lauren's former Laguna Beach fling. Lauren swears his visit isn't a "thing," even if Lo has her hopes up. But, Lauren can't completely deny interest in hanging out with Stephen -- she admits to still having feelings for him.At another java house, Stephanie meets Spencer and tells her brother that she's considering going to Lauren's housewarming party. When Spencer starts calling out his sister for loyalty lines, Stephanie throws it back in his face, saying Spencer once befriended her ex-boyfriend and always had him in the house. Spencer disagrees, saying the ex was just a date to a semi-formal.Regardless, he doesn't want to tell Heidi that Stephanie will be showing up to Lauren's house. But, Stephanie's prepared... in fact, she plans on bringing the news to Heidi herself. Stephanie thinks that Heidi's over the grudge with Lauren -- it's just Spencer that's posing a problem. Having heard enough, Spencer splits, leaving Stephanie alone with her iced boba.Back at Lauren, Lo and Audrina's new place, the girls are getting ready for their big fiesta. Lauren says that Stephanie might show, and Audrina lets loose that Justin's going to be in attendance. When Lauren asks Audrina to rewind and talk about Bobby coming to visit, Audrina's taken aback. Audrina feels even more awkward when she learns Stephen's coming for the party... and she's the last one to find out.At Heidi's, Stephanie shares the news that she's getting ready to go to Lauren's housewarming party. Heidi's smile turns to a frown immediately, and Stephanie's surprised. Sick of feeling guilty, Stephanie doesn't want to always feel like she needs to check in with Heidi and Spencer before sending an RSVP to Lauren's parties.Heidi suggests that she's feeling badly because she knows she's doing something wrong. While Heidi doesn't want Stephanie to be shady about her whereabouts, she can't understand why Stephanie would want to be friends with her enemy. Although Heidi says Stephanie should do what she wants, Stephanie ultimately decides she'd better stay and watch a movie with Heidi.With the party in full force, Lo points out that Brody's new girlfriend is pretty... and has "very large breasts." Seems like perfect timing for Stephen to walk in with a present. Surprising Lo from behind, Stephen sends the girls into big smiles. He's impressed with her new space and the tiki torches.Speaking of impressed, the crowd is shocked when Justin Bobby comes in with a new short haircut. Audrina and Justin go for a talk, where Audrina recaps her earlier conversation with Lauren. Justin says their relationship is none of her roommates' business. She says she's ready to just do what she wants.Meanwhile, Lauren tells Stephen that Audrina and Justin have been hanging out in the back house a lot. She suggests her home isn't "comfortable" yet. Despite the "Lauren-esque" d├ęcor, she's not completely settled with the situation. Stephen says to give it time, and suggests the two go out for a meal to catch up without all of the party chaos around them.As Stephanie and Lauren check out the boys on campus, and Lauren says her friend should have shown up to her party. Stephanie explains that it's hard when Spencer and Heidi play the loyalty card. Lauren doesn't mean to get her into trouble, but says that her parties are a fun time. When Stephanie asks about cute boys, Lauren lets Stephanie in on her rendezvous with Stephen.Getting ready for her night out with Stephen, Lauren tells Lo that she's not sure if it's a date. Lauren's not sure, but it was his idea to go to dinner... and she is excited about it.Out at Il Cielo, Stephen tells Lauren that her house has his stamp of approval. As the two catch up, Lauren tells Stephen that she thinks Audrina's back with Justin... but she hasn't heard it from Audrina. The two don't talk about boys anymore. Stephen tells her to walk over to Audrina's portion of the house, but Lauren says she's not that kind of roommate.Moving over to Lo, Lauren suggests that Lo's been giddy about her hanging out with Stephen again. Stephen says that lots of people have been hoping things would happen between the pair, including their parents. But, Stephen makes it clear -- he just wants to have a nice, platonic dinner with a good friend, settling the whole 'is it a date?' issue.The two joke on the car ride home about old times, and Lauren gives her old friend a hug goodbye. At home, Lo's ready for all of the details. Lauren says some friends are just better off as friends. She feels like she's in high school when she's with him... and she's a far leap from her Laguna days. Lo's glad that the two at least had a good time, and hopes that maybe one day they can get it together and get married.

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