A New Roommate

Season 3 Ep 254/21/08

At People's Revolution, Lauren and Whitney chat while they're unpacking boxes at the new job. When Whitney asks how Audrina's been doing, Lauren says she's not really sure -- her roommate's been a little MIA lately, and has been running into Heidi a lot.Whitney raises an eyebrow at the new development, and Lauren agrees that it's been a little awkward since they share an apartment... especially since Lauren wouldn't necessarily want Heidi on her guest list. Although Audrina should feel free to have friends over the apartment, Lauren doesn't want to feel uncomfortable in her own home.Back at the Hillside Villas, Lauren, Lo and Audrina are getting ready for a night out at the club. Sifting through Audrina's closet, Lauren talks about FIDM... which leads the conversation to Stephanie. In fact, Lauren's excited that she-Pratt may be coming out to the club tonight... until Lo wonders whether she'll bring Heidi with her.As Heidi picks shoes out of her closet, it seems that she's definitely signing on for a night out with Stephanie and company. When Heidi asks if Lauren's going to be there, Stephanie tells her not to freak out. But, Heidi's optimistic -- now that she's on the outs with Spence, maybe Lauren will be more willing to play it cool. After all, it's "water under the bridge"... right?!At GOA, Stephanie spots Audrina's ex, Justin Bobby over at the bar... and spies Lauren and Audrina sitting at a table, looking like they're in a good mood. When Lauren goes off to grab a drink, Heidi takes the opportunity to slide over next to Audrina. She tells Audrina that she's seen Justin, and Audrina's surprised. Sounds like Audrina hasn't had a run-in with her ex in a while.While the two have a heart-to-heart about Audrina's ex-bf, Lauren and Lo see Heidi talking to Audrina. When Lauren arrives back with her drink, she asks everyone to scoot over. It's clear that Lauren is less-than-excited to have Heidi sitting at her table.Heidi's feeling the same vibes, and says she's getting ready to leave... until Justin Bobby shows up to the table and Audrina urges her to stay. As the three hang out, Heidi mentions that Audrina was friends with her before Lauren's arrival in LA. With Lauren in ear-shot, Heidi says it's silly that they can't all be friends because of Audrina's living situation. Having heard enough, Lauren bolts, wanting to go home.The next day, Heidi tells Stephanie that GOA didn't go as well as she'd expected. Although Stephanie thinks the table was a step in the right direction, Heidi really thought Lauren would be warmer in Spencer's absence.At Lauren's apartment, Lo drops by for a visit. When the two realize how much time Lo spends at the apartment, Lauren suggests all of the girls move in together. Lauren's lease is up soon, and she's ready for a fresh start and a bigger space. Lauren says she wants Audrina to move in with them too, but Lo is skeptical -- would Audrina really like to move in with two roommates? Plus, would she bring both Heidi AND Justin Bobby back to the apartment? The two agree that situation is not allowed.Out to dinner with Justin tells Audrina that he's shaped up -- he's gotten his priorities straight and moved to the beach. Audrina's ready to be drama free, and tells him she's excited that things are going smoothly with Heidi.The next morning, Lauren and Audrina share a grapefruit and recap their nights. Audrina says that Justin's cleaned up his act... he even refrained from burping in her face! Lauren asks if they're friends, but Audrina says there will always be something between them. Audrina suggests he's her version of Jason or Stephen, but Lauren says she stopped going back to Jason. Audrina shrugs it off, saying that it was good to see him.At Stephanie's apartment, Heidi pops in for a visit and finds Spencer on the couch instead. As the two catch up, Heidi reveals that Stephanie was hanging out with Lauren at GOA. Spencer's surprised that Heidi would even show up at the same club as Lauren. He refuses to feel badly for her, saying he doesn't want to hear about her trips to clubs... especially ones that involve Lauren.Out to lunch, Lo and Lauren talk about their living situation. Lauren says she hasn't talked to Audrina about it yet, so when Audrina shows up, Lauren brings up the lease. Lo asks Audrina about her plans, and when Audrina says she hasn't thought about it, Lo says that she and Lauren have "kind of" been looking into getting a house. Lo says it's going to be a weird change, but Audrina says she's up for anything... if they want her to move in. Lauren and Lo both say yes, but the conversation definitely registers on the awkward meter.

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