Model: Krystine

Season 8 Ep 911/18/2007

Krystine understands the "All-American" high school girl. She's thin, spunky, beautiful, and an avid shopper. But, for our friend, these things don't make up a pleasant lifestyle. Krystine is a tomboy extraordinaire, a real down to Earth girl, who lives in the moment. With more attention paid towards softball than smelling like daises, it's obvious where her priorities are, and she takes pride in that.Our friend obviously isn't all boy; and she does have her fair share of girlfriends. The only problem is that it's hard to hang out or shop with a sea of size-two girly girls. It becomes almost embarrassing when she browses with them, unable to find her size. And her home life most definitely doesn't help. Her whole family is always telling her she's a, well, let's just say a "well-rounded" person.With the pressures of losing weight, and the desire inside herself to feel beautiful, Krystine wants to become a plus-size model. She understands she'll never be a size two; but what is stopping her from being a gorgeous young lady? What is hindering her from feeling good about who she is? The only thing stopping her is herself. And with the help of MADE, she's going to make it happen.One fine morning there is a knock at the door. Krystine opens the door, only to discover no one is there! As she looks down, an envelope comes into her view. Inside, there is a note and fifty dollars. If Krystine wants to be a model she must buy an outfit with the cash and strut her stuff for the writer of the letter. Our soon-to-be model rushes through the house, preparing for her big adventure. Quickly, she drags her clothing-savvy sisters into the car and drives off to a clothing store.Dresses and tops are thrown through the air behind the dressing room door. Krystine cannot find the perfect outfit! As she finally emerges from the disaster area, formerly known as the dressing room, someone's voice s heard through a bullhorn. As the voice tells Krystine to strut her stuff, Krystine makes her way towards her MADE coach. Sharon, the original runway diva, stands at the other end of the store. She's been an international plus size model for the last twenty years. By the end of their progress together, Krystine will enter the Torrid plus size model contest. Torrid is one of the biggest line for plus size women. Krystine cannot believe it!The first assignment is simple in idea, but harder in execution. Krystine must wear heels all day, every day. Walking with her mentor through random locations, including a bowling alley and a hardware store, Krystine embarrasses herself. Not only is she far from graceful while in the heels, but she can not walk straight! Sharon is afraid she looks not enough like a model, and too much like Robocop.After posing in front of the camera, it is evident Sharon must do two things with Krystine. Our wannabe model must pose in front of the mirror, practicing working her moves, every day. She must also start working out. That's where Rocco comes in. He's a no mercy trainer, ready to help shed off some pounds. Her first trip to "hell" ended in a collapse of exhaustion.Between working out and strutting her stuff, Krystine and her sister move in to their apartment. It's Krstine's freshman year at college and already she is feeling the pressure of living on her own. In their new apartment, her sister questions her on making enough money to pay rent and live on her own. The problems are stacking up in every direction.As the week comes to a close, Krystine is drained. She isn't sleeping with all of the work to do. At a workout session, she breaks down. Wiping her tears away she stares at her trainer. She wants this so bad, but she's falling behind. Never has Krystine been so excited to start school than now. She finally gets to take a break from working out and practicing to attend her first day of class. After her last lecture, Krystine remembers the words of her sister asking about a job. This is the perfect time to look for one, but no one is hiring! Her job hunt is bleak and discouragement sets in.Sharon calls up Krystine and tells her that she has made great progress. But, this progression isn't enough; she must work harder. To help her out, Shanon is sending her to New York City to attend Fashion Week. There, she will see the best and biggest models in the business. In New York, Krystine meets with her substitute MADE Coach for the trip, Ashley Graham. Ashley is only a year older than Krystine and already all over magazine covers. After attending a small fashion show, Ashley informs Krystine that she will be having her own fashion shoot. Mcihelle Weston, fashion stylist, will doll her up to make our MADE wannabe into a drop dead gorgeous model. During the shoot, no one is impressed. Ashley thought she'd give more of an edge, and definitely needs to work on her facial expressions.Back home, things seem to be looking up. Krystine scores a job and is taken to Torrid by Sharon to find a bathing suit. In the end, she finds a cute piece that both her and Sharon agree on. But with so much to do now in college, including homework and a maintaining a job, Krystine's practices start to fade from her lifestyle. She starts to veg out by the TV, tired from all the running around and working. When her sister calls her out on her laziness, Krystine closes her eyes, shutting out the lecture.Sharon comes to vist Krystine. The MADE coach asks why she hasn't lost as much weight as she is supposed to. With some lame excuses, Sharon tells Krystine to write down exactly what she wants. There will be no beating around the bush; either Krystine wants it or she doesn't. After tears are shed, Sharon reveals what is important to Krystine, making her want to work harder than ever before.After more weight loss, another photo shoot and some sister bonding time at a manicure shop, Krystine's time to shine has finally arrived! In LA, Krystine is totally made over. With a killer outfit, and waxed eyebrows, Krystine is looking hot! At the contest, there are a few hundred girls. After her moment of limelight, she anxiously awaits the results. Only ten will be selected, and she is one of them! Krystine knows she's absolutely gorgeous now, and she loves herself, which is the most important part.