Show 'Em What You Got

Season 2 Ep 14/27/2010

In the Season 1 finale of "The City," Kelly convinced Whitney to take a risk -- and show her line at New York Fashion Week. As Season 2 begins, Whitney has only a week to get everything ready for the show. But will she be able to get it all done?The new season gets underway with Whitney and Roxy doing some last-minute fabric shopping at Mood. Whitney admits she's starting to feel the pressure of her Bryant Park debut ("I'm not sure I can handle it") and confesses that she only has 17 of her 24 looks ready to go. With so much to do in the final days (model casting, hair, makeup, music and, of course, finishing her line), Whitney worries she's going to run out of time. Naturally, Roxy tries to reassure her, telling her this could be the beginning of Whit's "career as a fashion designer," but Whitney's more concerned about the worst case scenario: What if the show's a total disaster?!Meanwhile, over at ELLE magazine's offices, Joe Zee calls Olivia into his office to discuss the "Today" show debacle -- and to get to the bottom of Olivia's feud with Erin. Still upset over Erin's ultimatum (she told Joe he'd have to choose between herself and Olivia), Joe tells Olivia he's tired of the girls' constant bickering -- and reminds her that Erin's been at the company the longest. For her part, Olivia insists that the way Erin talks to her is "unacceptable" at times, but pledges to try and work things out. Grateful, Joe says he'll find something separate for Olivia to do at the magazine, but still encourages her to take the high road -- and make amends with Erin.With only days before her big show, Whitney swings by the garment district with Roxy to meet with her pattern maker, Michelle. Having finally finished her new designs, Whitney asks Michelle point-blank, whether or not she'll have all the pieces finished by Tuesday (in time for the show at Bryant Park). Unfortunately, Michelle can't give her any guarantees, promising only to try her best.Back at ELLE, Joe decides to fill editor-in-chief Robbie Myers in on Erin and Olivia's conflict -- and Erin's promise to leave unless Olivia has been let go. After hearing Joe's description of the "personality clash" (and wondering about Olivia's ability to fight with a "senior person"), Robbie calls Erin to find out whether she was serious about threatening to walk away for good. Fortunately, Erin admits she's had time to reconsider her "heat of the moment" outburst -- and says she'd be willing to work with Olivia as long as she's "on board." Joe tells Erin about his plan to reassign Olivia to work on, interviewing designers, and Robbie reminds Erin that it'll be her job, as publicity director, to make sure Olivia's on-air spots get good press. Erin responds by pledging to be a team player, and assuring Robbie and Joe she'll do whatever's best for the magazine.Across town, Whitney and her fellow Bryant Park designers are meeting with Kelly to discuss what still needs to get done before the show. Only four more days remain, and the other designers (Mara Hoffman, Nicholas K. and Christopher Kunz) are putting the final touches on their lines. When Whitney admits she's nervous about pulling off her first show, Nicholas advises her to keep her message strong while Kelly reminds her to stand out -- and do anything to avoid being "average." Afterwards, Whitney meets her casting director, Roger Inniss, to choose the models for her show, and Kelly shows up to sign off on their picks -- and scold Roxy for not paying enough attention to the details.With Fashion Week already underway, Olivia joins Joe and Erin in the audience for the Anna Sui runway show, then gets her first big assignment: Claw her way backstage for an exclusive interview with the designer. Determined to prove herself, Olivia fights through the crowd and pulls Anna Sui aside for a short-but-sweet Q&A as Erin looks on, impressed.Meanwhile, Whitney's got another show to worry about: her own! With only one day to go, she checks in with her pattern-maker -- and finds out that there's a problem with one of her garments. Desperate, she picks out a new fabric for her leggings -- and tells Michelle to do whatever she can to finish them by tomorrow.Down in the West Village, Erin and Olivia finally take Joe's advice -- and meet at Zampa to try and smooth things out. After a little small talk, Erin jumps in with an apology, telling Olivia "I think we started off on the wrong foot," then congratulating her on a job well done at Anna Sui. Both girls agree to try and work together from now on, and Olivia resolves to put the past behind her, move forward and start fresh while Erin predicts the two of them are "going to make a great team."It's showtime for Whitney! Despite a little bit of backstage jitters (and a few disappearing models), Whitney somehow makes it through her first runway show, earning herself hearty congratulations from friends and family -- and a big round of applause from the fashion bigwigs in the audience. When it's all over, Kelly pulls Whitney aside for a private chat -- and tells her this is a moment she'll want to remember forever. Whitney tries to thank her People's Revolution mentor for all her help -- but Kelly insists Whitney deserves all the credit.As the episode winds down, an uncharacteristically emotional Kelly pulls Whitney close for one last congratulatory hug. "You're so lucky to have your whole family behind you," she tells Whitney, her eyes brimming up with tears. Whitney reaches out and hugs her back, whispering. "and you're my family too, Kel."