Father of The Bride

Season 5 Ep 85/18/2009

At Heidi and Spencer's apartment, Heidi informs Spencer that her "real cowboy, manly-man" dad Bill is coming to town. Heidi tells Spencer that her dad has never met any of her previous boyfriends and that he was freaked out about them eloping to Mexico. Heidi tells Spencer that if "you ever want to marry me, you'd have to get his permission." A visibly nervous Spencer asks for pointers on meeting Heidi's dad. She warns him to be nice. "You've never met a dad like my dad," Heidi declares before leaving Spencer alone to contemplate the impending encounter with the father of the bride.On the set of The White Tie Affair's video shoot, Audrina is working and gossiping with Chiara when Stephanie stops by to visit Audrina. Stephanie is interested in one of the band members, Sean, so the band and the girls make plans to hang out that weekend.Meanwhile, Heidi and Spencer are waiting at a restaurant for Bill. When he arrives, Heidi greets him with a big hug and they all sit down. Bill has his cowboy hat and game face on, responding to Spencer with only with a "yep" or a nod. Then Heidi tries to chase the elephant out of the room by bringing up the couple's Mexico elopement. The reminder prompts Bill to warn Spencer that he brought his shotgun, but the two start bonding when Spencer mentions his fight with Stephanie's ex-boyfriend Cameron (the night he told Heidi Spencer was flirting with Stacie the bartender). "There comes a time when you have to look out for your family...That's the code of the West," Bill tells Spencer before inviting him to "go shoot guns together."A day to evening transition brings us to an LA restaurant where Lauren and Brody are having dinner. Lauren tells Brody she has to fire Stephanie the next day. An unsympathetic Brody gives Lauren an "I told you so" before adding that Lauren firing Stephanie will ruin their friendship. Lauren doubts that but agrees she did take that risk by getting Stephanie the job. "Sometimes you've got to suck it up," Brody tells Lauren.Over at Bigfoot Lodge, Audrina and Stephanie meet up with a couple members of The White Tie Affair, Chris and Sean. Audrina is excited to be acting as Stephanie's wing man for the night, but her duties are short-lived. As soon as Audrina and Chris excuse themselves to the bar to give Sean and Stephanie some time alone, Sean feels out Stephanie for her relationship status before revealing that he has a live-in girlfriend at home. Disgusted, Stephanie asks Audrina to leave as soon as she returns from the bar.The next day, Spencer and Bill are taking a walk near the ocean. During their heart to heart, Heidi's dad asks Spencer about his intentions with his daughter. Spencer says he wants a happily ever after with Heidi, to which Bill responds that he's very protective of her. "That's why God invented Colt .45s," he jokingly tells Spencer with a pat on the back. Then Bill turns serious and says the entire family needs to support their union. Bill advises Spencer to work on getting Heidi's mom Darlene to come around. Spencer insists he knows better than to hurt Heidi and asks for Bill's permission to marry her. Bill tells Spencer that he wouldn't come after Spencer if he married Heidi, but he does urge Spencer to focus on treating her well. His parting words to the groom to be are, "Remember that your father-in-law carries a big gun."Meanwhile Lauren is at People's Revolution working when a breathless Stephanie arrives and asks Lauren how work is going that morning. Lauren looks uncomfortable and immediately starts telling Stephanie about her recent conversation with People's Revolution owner, Kelly Cutrone, after Stephanie messed up with the photo shoot clothes. Stephanie starts to cry when she realizes Lauren is firing her. Lauren tries to calm her down and suggests that Stephanie leave if she's upset. Stephanie gets a big hug from Lauren on her way out the door.Out to lunch, Stephanie fills Heidi in on getting fired by her friend and her crush's live-in girlfriend revelation. Stephanie wonders aloud how the firing is going to impact her friendship with Lauren. Elsewhere, Lauren is having ameal with Lo, where they are also debating the consequences of Stephanie being fired. "I don't know if I've ever made somebody cry before," Lauren laments to Lo. Lo tells Lauren that she did what she had to do.At Santa Monica Pier, Spencer takes Heidi on an evening Ferris wheel ride. The ride stops at the top, and Spencer tells Heidi that her dad gave him permission to marry her. Spencer asks for Heidi's thoughts on them "trying the marriage thing again." Heidi admits she's apprehensive after their near misses in Mexico and at the courthouse, but Spencer reassures her that getting married would make their relationship stronger. Heidi insists that Spencer would have to apologize to her mom and Lauren before she would marry him. Spencer says he's willing to make peace with Lauren andHeidi's mom to make the marriage happen, then he presents her with an official engagement ring. Heidi accepts and the couple seals the agreement with a kiss.