Rick Ross, The Bravery and Josh Howard

Season 15 Ep 101/29/2008

In this episode of Cribs we check out the palatial pads of rapper Rick Ross, The Bravery's Anthony Burulcich and basketball star Josh Howard.Rap superstar Rick Ross exploded onto the scene in 2006 when he released Port of Miami. The album debuted at #1, and its lead single, "Hustlin'," went gold and sold more than a million ringtones before the album even hit stores. Having already collaborated with the legendary Jay-Z, he's looking to push his success to the next level with the release of his second album. But for now, let's see how well he's managed to pimp out his Miami crib.Before letting us into his house, Rick Ross takes us to see his collection of cars. After showing off his 2008 Mercedes-Benz CL65 nicknamed Rihanna and custom chopper called Madonna, he unveils his Escalade Maybach, which is hooked up with leather seats, plasma TVs and satellites.Having introduced us to his "ladies," Rick Ross brings us inside his crib through the double doors and wastes no time pointing out the marble floor. The tour continues with a look at his private movie theater and living room, where he shows of pictures of his son and daughter. In the kitchen, Rick opens up his pantry, where there is a massive supply of junk food. Next stop is the living room, complete with an enormous flat screen TV and a magnificent view.Climbing the stairs to the second floor, which he calls "Billionaire's Row," Rick Ross shows us more of his multimillion-dollar view. Beyond his luxurious master bathroom, equipped with tanning lights, we find the balcony, which overlooks a massive pool with a picture of Rick's face at the bottom. Naturally, he brings us outside for a closer look and shows off the special Italian marble he had installed to keep his feet cool in the summer. With that, he grabs a bottle of champagne and bids farewell to the Cribs crew.The Bravery rose from the ranks of the New York City club scene to become an international rock sensation. Cracking the top 10 on both the U.S. and U.K. charts, the band shows no signs of slowing down. Neither does drummer Anthony Burulcich, who we caught up with at his Long Island, N.Y., pad.When Anthony Burulcich answers the door, we learn that this is the house he was born and raised in -- and that he still lives with his parents. We enter the living room, where the black and white tile floor gives off an Alice in Wonderland vibe. In the den, we meet the 'rents and his father plays a rockabilly song on the keyboard. After showing off his dad's collection of 10,000 hand-painted pewter soldiers, Anthony leads us to his favorite part of the house: the basement, which houses a Ludwig drum set that he spent his youth practicing on.Moving on to the kitchen, Anthony Burulcich shows us his only contribution to the fridge: Starbucks iced coffee. Next stop is the upstairs bedrooms. Though Anthony digs the fact that his room doubles as a music studio, he's not so fond of the fact that he's only six feet from his parents' room. There's no magic happenin' here!Outside, the swimming pool is covered for the winter, but the hot tub with colored lights that sync to music is open and running. Heading to the front yard, we get a look at Anthony Burulcich's new ride, a yellow Maxi 400 scooter that stands about two feet high and packs 36 volts of power. At the end of the tour, the drummer hops on and whizzes off into the distance.Considered the unsung hero of the Dallas Mavericks, Josh Howard has been a force to be reckoned with in the NBA since 2003. As their starting small forward, Josh helped the Mavericks reach the top of the western conference in 2007. Praised by past basketball legend Magic Johnson and legend-in-the-making Kobe Bryant, Josh's talent is undeniable. Impressing basketball's greats is one thing, but does his Dallas crib make the cut?The first stop on the tour is the living room, which is dominated by an enormous question mark-shaped couch. Josh Howard then takes us into his bedroom, where we find a mini-fridge full of VitaminWater, giant flat-screen TV and fireplace. Entering his huge walk-in closet, Josh shows off his "problems": hundreds and hundreds of hats and tennis shoes.We follow Josh Howard into his favorite part of the house: the kitchen, which has not one but two refrigerators (complete with pitchers of Kool-Aid). Then, heading upstairs, Josh shows us the pool room, which also houses his diploma from Wake Forest University and a certificate declaring it "Josh Howard Day" in the city of Winston-Salem, N.C. After a brief respite in his private theater, Josh takes us outside to his "paradise retreat" with a hot tub and pool surrounding a small island.The last stop on the tour is the driveway, where Josh Howard is eager to show off his custom '73 Chevy Impala with self-lifting doors and his magenta -- not pink! -- '89 Box Chevy. The tour complete, Josh tells Cribs it's time to scram.

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