Geek to Chic

Season 9 Ep 96/14/08

Rachel is a scholar extraordinaire. Unlike the popular kids at her high school in Lake Oswego, Ore., who have perfectly coiffed hair and fashionable outfits, Rachel is a "level 10 geek." The ultimate bookworm, Rachel has never been on a date and always feels like the 5th wheel when she goes out with her pretty friends and their beaus. Knowing this is her last chance to turn heads and score a date to senior prom, Rachel wants to be MADE from geek to chic!When Rachel tells her friends and family about her plan, one thing concerns them: time. Rachel has always put school first, and she participates in a laundry list of AP classes and extracurricular activities. Though everyone doubts she can fit such a huge commitment into her busy schedule, her mother is happy that Rachel is finally taking an interest in her appearance.Rachel's MADE journey begins at school when Charlie, the super-cute captain of the lacrosse team, delivers her a hot pink bag full of beauty supplies and a note telling her to wait outside after school. After the bell rings, everyone watches as Rachel gets into a limo with six hot guys to go meet her MADE coach. Not bad for her first taste of the chic life, eh?Bashful around boys, all Rachel can do is giggle during the car ride. When the limo pulls up in front of a spa, Rachel is surprised by her MADE coach Keri Murphy. A beauty pageant director and the owner of a modeling agency, Keri is ready to add MADE coach to her résumé. So, the girls head inside for some serious beautifying and strategizing. Assessing the situation, Keri tells Rachel that she has a lot of work to do. Her first request is that Rachel ditches the backpack and carries a hot pink bag with her everywhere.After the spa, Keri checks out Rachel's closet and is shocked to find nothing but jeans, sweatshirts and a mass of T-shirts. When Rachel shows off her "good pile," which includes a tie-dyed shirt from 2nd grade, Keri is even more disappointed. She decides that Rachel's first assignment will be wearing something other than T-shirts and jeans to school. As if that wasn't terrifying enough, Keri also assigns Rachel to talk to two guys who aren't her friends. Yikes!Unfortunately, it seems like Rachel's go-getter schedule is already interfering with her MADE quest, as she can't find the time to put together a new wardrobe to wear to school the next day. When she shows up at school in a sweatshirt and jeans, Keri stops by and catches her red-handed.Since Rachel is having problems changing her wardrobe on her own, MADE coach Keri Murphy steps in and takes her shopping. The trip is a success, but when Keri finds out that Rachel has also been slacking on her second assignment, she decides to tighten the screws. She tells Rachel that now the mission is to invite four boys to her birthday party the following week.At school the next day, Rachel discovers that her new outfit makes her more self-conscious than confident. To make matters worse, she also finds out that she bombed her last two calculus tests. However, Rachel has to put the bad news aside and focus on the task at hand -- inviting boys to her party.Taking the plunge, Rachel asks the first four guys she sees in the hall, and they accept! All is going well on the boy front, but when MADE coach Keri Murphy tells Rachel to ask Charlie to the party, Rachel breaks down crying and refuses.A few days later, Keri surprises Rachel on her birthday with a new pair of shoes and the news that they will be leaving for Los Angeles in the morning. After a successful birthday bash (complete with boys), Rachel and Keri head to sunny California.After cruising Rodeo Drive, Rachel meets Nolé Marin, a world renowned style icon and judge on America's Next Top Model who's going to help her find a hip and happenin' new look. The new clothes put a smile on Rachel's face and a spring in her step. Excited by the apparent boost in Rachel's confidence, Keri decides to up the ante by telling Rachel to go on three dates with three different guys.Back home, Rachel tells her parents about her bad grades, and they only stress her out more. With a failing grade threatening her academic future, Rachel barely has any time to think about MADE coach Keri Murphy's dating assignment. So, when Keri stops by Rachel's art class to check on her, she is once again disappointed to hear that Rachel hasn't even started trying to find dates. Mega-stressed, Rachel blows off Keri to study for her next calculus exam.Fortunately for Rachel, her hard work pays off and she earns a B on her final. Now she'll have a lot more time to work on her MADE goals. After clearing the air with Keri, Rachel learns a new morning makeup routine and tests it out during a round of after-school speed dating that Keri set up. After talking to a bevy of boys for five minutes each, Rachel faces a one-on-one conversation with Charlie with confidence. Though she didn't meet Mr. Right, she did get another important confidence boost. Then, her day gets even better when her friend A.J. asks her to prom -- mission accomplished!With a prom date in the bag, Rachel and MADE coach Keri Murphy set out to make sure that it'll be a night to remember. After finding the perfect dress, they head to the salon, where Rachel takes a big risk in letting Keri pick her new 'do. Luckily, Keri knows what she's doing, and the style and cut is a winner.The night of the prom arrives, and Rachel anxiously awaits the reactions of her classmates. Thanks to her newfound confidence, she's a smashing success. She turns more than a few heads, and everyone thinks she's 100% chic. Now armed with brains and beauty, former power-nerd Rachel has been MADE into the total prom-date package.

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