Home Alone

Season 3 Ep 64/29/2007

As usual, there are a million things happening at Run's House. For starters, Justine tells Rev Run that now that her children's book is finished she's nervous about promoting it. Run's solution is for the two of them to relax at the Trump International Hotel and Tower in NYC the night before her first public book reading. But who's going to watch the kids?Rev Run thinks JoJo is the perfect candidate to take care of Russy and Diggy, so Run talks to JoJo about what it means to be a good babysitter. JoJo is confident that he can do the job. But when Justine finds out that Run is planning on leaving the boys home alone, she's less than thrilled. Justine doesn't think JoJo's responsible enough to keep an eye on the younger boys.As Rev Run and Justine discuss JoJo's new babysitting gig, Angela calls to find out when she and Vanessa will be getting the cash Run promised them for helping JoJo pass his driver's test. Run reminds Angela that JoJo hasn't passed yet. But after slyly looking at Justine, Run tells Angela that because JoJo is "very responsible" he'll surely pass the test, and the girls can get their money early. Justine shoots Run a look because she knows he's just trying to get her to agree to let JoJo watch the house. It works, and Justine gives in.Meanwhile, with the bundle of cash they just got from daddy, Vanessa and Angela head to Crate and Barrel. The girls don't agree on much, but they both ooh and ah over a chair that's "only" $1,300. Then Vanessa and Angela proceed to walk through the store picking up anything that catches their eye and making a list of furniture they want to buy. At the end of their shopping spree, they toss in two paintings without even batting an eyelash when they see the price tags. But when it's time to pay, both of their debit cards are declined. Guess it's time to call Daddy!Justine is just starting to unwind at the hotel when the phone rings. It's Vanessa and Angela, looking for their father -- and their money. But Run went out for a walk, so they'll just have to wait to buy their goodies.At home, the boys are playing baseball in the yard, but JoJo's roughhousing upsets Russy and he storms off and calls Justine to tell her he misses her. It's enough to make Justine want to pack her things and head home. Just then, though, Rev Run comes back from his walk with some flowers, but it's not quite enough to make her want to stay.Russy eventually confesses to JoJo that he called Justine, and JoJo goes nuts because Russy is making him "look bad." JoJo makes Russy call Rev Run and Justine to tell them everything's really OK, and Justine reluctantly agrees to stay put.With that fire quenched, Vanessa and Angela show up at the hotel to discuss their declined debit cards. Rev Run tells the girls that he put a lot of money on the cards, so they must have exceeded the limit. Vanessa and Angela swear they were only buying "necessities."While Justine successfully reads her book at the New York Public Library, JoJo, Diggy and Russy discuss how they want to do something special for her when she gets home. The boys decide to bake Justine some cookies ... in a skillet on the stove! Obviously, they have no idea what they're doing, and the cookies come out a gooey mess. When Rev Run and Justine return home, the boys proudly present their mom with their home fried cookies. Although the cookies look nasty, it doesn't stop Justine from telling JoJo that she's sorry she ever doubted that he could handle babysitting duty."When faced with a challenge, do you rise to the occasion? Sometimes when you push yourself, you surprise yourself. Responsibility creates opportunity, and then opportunity creates choice. Because when you have options, you can do anything you want. So make the world your oyster so your life can be your gem. God is love." -- Rev Run

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