Season 6 Ep 19

Jason prides himself on his math team awards, so you'd never expect that he wants to be MADE into a breakdancer. But he wants to convince his peers that he's more than just a shy computer nerd.Jason's MADE coach is Mr. Freeze -- a breaker from the 1970s known for his trademark "freeze" move. The first thing he notices is that Jason needs to break out of his shell because being a good break dancer involves showing off your moves and having a cool personality.Mr. Freeze enlists the help of the Seattle Supersonics' professional breakers, the Massive Monkees. Jason gets into the swing of the b-boy culture, but injures his wrist when he tries the freeze move. Things get worse after one of Mr. Freeze's friends, Mr. Wiggles, tells Jason that he's "wack." Jason wants to totally give up, but instead he practices and improves.At the b-boy competition, Jason dances against the best breakers in town to become the ultimate b-boy. He performs the freeze move and makes it to the finals but doesn't win. But, back at school, Jason shows off his perfected freeze move. Now he's known as more than the whiz kid. Jason's been MADE into a breakdancer.

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