Czech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Season 20 Ep 110/6/2010

The bus of challenge hopefulls pulls up to an unknown location in Prague, Czech Republic, it's cold, it's wet, it's dark and TJ greets the challenges with just one word: RUN! They take off, the challengers race ahead, luggin their bags and hair extensions. They arrive at the Gulag, the site of their future elimination rounds. TJ lays down the rules and we learn that there will be three teams to compete for over $500k in cash and prizes. He sends the challengers' heads spinning even further when he announces that the three slowest challengers will be picking the teams; and so the meek inherit the Gulag as Shauvon, Emilee and Camila pick teams dodge ball style.Back at the house, the cast starts the party early, breaking in their Prague Castle. Paula and Jenn toast to defeat, with 4 and 6 loses respectively, we learn Abe's published a kid's book and the Danimal is now sober, but still naked as he christens the lawn by streaking. As the liquor starts to flow, so does the drama as Abe and Cara Maria flirt by painting each other's faces and Laurel tries to wrestle with her own teammate, Shauvon.The next day is their first challenge and with a promise of tears, the challengers are faced with running into a gas chamber to decipher a code which unlocks boxes that diagram a puzzle, easy right? Not so for the Red and Blue Teams, who's organizational chaos costs them the challenge and $20,000. But with Abe's cool demeanor and his teammates willing to heed his every command, the Gray Team takes the first challenge to the surprise of the other teams.With their first loss, the Red and Blue Teams must now vote to see who they want to send into the dreaded Gulag, one guy and one girl from each team must compete, but only one of each will stay in the house. Tricky TJ always has surpsies up his sleeve, he tells the teams that the vote is going to be anonymous and each teammember must go into the dungeon and secretly vote. When the votes come back it's rookies Brandon and Camila from the Red Team and Derek and Emilee from the Blue Team. At the Gulag, the challengers learn they must wrestle rings away from one another. With a sweeping victory, Brandon crushes rookie Derek and proves he can be a valuable competitor to his team. When the girls enter the Gulag it's a fight to the finish, but Camila comes out victorious.