Season 8 Ep 244/12/2008

It's probably safe to say that not every sixteen year old guy has ready-to-wear Ninja gear, but Andrew isn't like every other kid. He's a pocket-protecting, Star-Wars-loving, Anime-Convention-going run of the mill geek who is begging to be MADE over into someone else. The day to day life of being either ignored or picked on has worn him down, and it's time that Andrew step out of the force field and into some social situations -- no matter how awkward they may be. Luckily, for Andrew, MTV knows a thing or two about rock 'n' roll, and his dream of grasping the limelight on stage and shredding some chords is as good as done. Andrew is going to be MADE into a rocker who will not only steal the spotlight, but steal the show at his school's annual Battle of the Bands Competition.First things first on the list of becoming a Rockstar (in ten easy steps): learn an instrument. Andrew doesn't have much skills in music -- poorly playing the Recorder can't compete with, say, an electric guitar -- he has a lot to learn and prove in the next few weeks if he wants to make it to the stage.The day of the Battle of the Bands audition sign-up, Andrew learns his fate as a rocker; his fate comes in the form of lanky and shaggy, Sammy James, Jr., frontman of the Mooney Suzuki, a New York based rock band. With Sammy James Jr. behind him, Andrew dons a gorgeous maroon electric guitar and makes out with a cheering section in his cafeteria. The duo is definitely off to a great start, but can they keep the momentum going and make it to Battle of the Bands?Working together afterschool in Andrew's room, Sammy James Jr. finds out just how difficult this task could be: Andrew's self-consciousness is suffocating his chances at letting go and rocking out. If he can't even sing in his own room, how will he ever do it up on stage in front of hundreds of his classmates?Second step on the road to becoming a Rockstar: rock isn't a solo act, it's a group effort. Andrew holds auditions to get some other members into his band. To his shock, guys with some experience come out and play, and with Josh, Hayden and Hagen in the mix, Andrew's finally got himself a band with some sound. Hopefully, with practice and dedication, Andrew can match their noise and step up to the mic.Third step: songwriting. Every rocker has a story to tell and Sammy James Jr. has got to get Andrew to put his own down on paper and set to music. He hands him over a notebook and some instructions to fill the pages with "prose and poetry". Sammy's hoping Andrew can live up to his expectations and become a master of words, but Andrew may just be wishing to be the master of anime instead. Conflicting schedules arise and while Andrew just wants to sit back and watch some cartoons with his club, Sammy wants him to set up time to rehearse with his newly formed band, the Young Eclipse. Andrew's priorities are a little mixed and while music should be his number one, he's falling into his old safety zones.Fourth step to rocking out: practice may not make perfect, but real rock isn't about perfection anyways. Andrew meets up with the guys in his band, without Sammy taking the reigns, and the boys actually meld their sounds to create something worth working on.Fifth step to ruling rock: get over yourself and get on with the show. The guys in the band ask Andrew what he's been writing, and a nervous Andrew hesitates. Silence isn't going to work out so well up on stage, and Sammy James Jr. takes him to task for his fear. Tough love is Sammy's tool, but at this stage in the game, Andrew needs that push to get going or he'll back himself into a wall over unspoken lyrics and his buckling shyness. He has to get over the fear of embarrassment and get his words out into the world, or Sammy's done. The moment of truth arrives and after a quick reading, Sammy's impressed and they work to get some chords set to the lyrics. Things look as though they're coming together after all.Sixth step to rockstardom: get your flirt on with the ladies. Andrew's newfound confidence in his music and within himself leads him to ask his crush Brooke out for a night out on the lanes, the bowling lanes. She surprises him and accepts the invitation -- they have a ball. Yes, pun intended.Seventh step to living the rocker life: the magic may happen up on stage, but know your strengths in the recording studio. Sammy sets the guys up with a night in a recording studio and after laying down both music and vocals, the guys are left with a professional copy of their song. But hearing the criticism each guy has for the work proves devastating for Andrew; they pick out what works and what doesn't (mainly, their frontman's singing) but to the untrained ear of Andrew, he thinks everything sounds good enough. "Good enough" doesn't win Battle of the Bands, Andrew -- you've got some vocal practicing to do!Step eight to becoming a rocker: define yourself in your duds. New York City is the best place to learn how to be yourself and Sam sends for Andrew to come see the Mooney Suzuki play live. Seeing his MADE coach hit the stage prove to be the perfect time for Andrew to take some stage performance mental notes. Next up -- shopping. The white gym shoes have to go, along with the blue jeans from 1996. Sammy slips Andrew into a pair of skinny, skinny gray jeans, new kicks and (finally!) contact lenses. And lastly, an amazing haircut later, Rocker Andrew is finally coming into himself and completely unrecognizable.Step nine: flaunt what you found. He's confident, dark and edgy, and rocking the music. He's taking names and everyone's noticing. This Andrew isn't the Andrew from before and luckily, his ninja gear looks really awesome with his new look. Bonus!Step ten to becoming the Rockstar that you know you are: Play and prey on your competition. Leave 'em in the dust wishing they were you. It's the night of Battle of the Bands, and a sold out theatre doesn't even wreck Andrew's confidence. The Young Eclipse take the stage and show off everything they've been working toward in a flash of sight and sound -- there is nothing this guy can't take on and leave in his wake.